3 October 2012

The Unique Power Of The Maxi Dress*

Maxidresses must be one of the most popular wardrobe options available to women in the fickle world of modern-day fashion trends. Anyone that chooses to invest in this style can wear the versatile option to a number of occasions such as weddings, christenings or a summer garden party.

How best to style your Maxidress depends entirely on the occasion you intend to wear it to. For example, those wishing to create an extremely ‘dressy’ look may desire to combine the look with killer heels and a statement suit jacket. A blazer with a tailored edge is a great option for a formal occasion such as a wedding or any event that requires you to look at your best. 
Fashionistas who wish to create a more low-key style could choose to team their Maxidresses with flat pumps and a cropped denim jacket. If the weather permits, wear with oversized shades and surf-style curls.

There are various assortments of patterns to choose from, some of which appear large and abstract, whilst others are a little more petite and detailed.

Prints and patterns have the ability to instantly bring a look to life, although it is probably wise to combine them with minimalistic accessories in order to avoid overkill. A ‘cutesy’ floral number can be easily given an edge with the addition of a spike-enthused belt and a distressed leather jacket. Taller slimmer figures tend to suit ‘ditsy’ patterns, whilst curvy girls are more in tune with the abstract styles.

An oversized sun hat is another great investment, especially if you intend to wear your maxi dress abroad during the hottest part of the day. Try and match the hue of the sun hat with the colours in the Maxidresses in order to knit the overall look together. Alternatively, you could opt for a simple black hat as black tends to go with almost everything.

For a glamorous night out, put your best foot forward and make sure it is adorned in a stunning heel. When complimented by a fabulous Maxidresses and a matching clutch, you can guarantee to turn a few heads on a variety of occasions.

A tighter dress should be teamed with shape wear as this will control those enviable curves and, as such, will make your torso appear sleeker, shapelier and hopefully sexier. Maxidresses don’t, however, have to be fitted immaculately in order to appear elegant and a free-flowing dress will look just as sleek as a fitted number.

*This is a sponsored post. What do you guys thinks about wearing Maxidresses layered casually this fall, and glam up your maxi for Christmas parties?


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