5 November 2012

The Body Shop "Chocomania" Body Butter.

Chocolate Body Butter

Chocolate Body Butter

If you are after some serious indulgence, you'll find it in this body butter. Being a massive fan of The Body Shop, it's rare that I walk past one without having a look and during one of these "Just Looking" phases I discovered Chocomania - the indulgent, nourishing, deliciously scented body butter. I have to say at first I was unsure because the smell was quite strong and unfamiliar to the usual Coconut and Mango flavours that I'd pick from TBS but after trying it and smelling the gorgeous chocolate smell on me all day at work I just had to go back and buy it.
The scent isn't for everyone, my friend doesn't like it because she prefers more floral scents such as rose (her favourite at the moment) so she will steer clear of this, whereas I love anything different so this was a little treat! As any other TBS body butters, this works wonders on dry skin. I would recommend it for anyone who has a bit of a sweet tooth and is looking to indulge during these cold weeks!

What is your favourite body butter scent?



  1. That looks so pretty but I easily get headaches from cocoa smelling things x


  2. I prefer sweet scents over florals so I'd probably love this. But I have so many Body Shop Body Butters I haven't used up! (the coconut one, cocoa butter, almond, they're all food scents) xx

  3. I love this stuff, it smells amazing. I do love the mango and coconut ones from the Bodyshop too
    Daniella x


  4. oeehh that looks so good :D

    X Jenny

  5. I really need to try this, sounds lovely! We have the favourite body butter scents - coconut and mango! :)

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