13 December 2012

MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara.

MaxFactor products have always been on my to try list, I remember my mum used to have some of their products when I was a child so I always associated the brand with older, classier women, not young girls. But now I know that the quality of makeup really does matter over things like pretty packaging, especially when you want to make your face look natural and flawless. So I decided to try some of their products, one of which is their iconic False Lash Effect Mascara.
The brush is really thick and it creates full and dramatic eyelashes whilst adding length as well. The bristles are thin and are spaced just right, separating each eyelash so you don't get them stuck together.
Usually I have to apply several coats before I get my eyes looking the way I want them too, but this is just the one coat of MaxFactors mascara and it's enough for my day to day look. I also like that it doesn't clump lashes together as much as most high street mascaras do. It's a great everyday mascara for those wanting thicker and longer eyelashes, but if used sparingly it will suit natural beauties just as good. Thumbs up for MaxFactor!



  1. I have this mascara, it's the best mascara ever !

  2. I'm huge fan of Max Factor mascara, I'm currently using the gold tubed one and love it.

    Hannah from www.cagneyandlace.com

  3. This is actually mu favourite mascara ever! Like EVER! I prefer this to Benefit, YSL, all the designer brands! Love Max Factor, definitely my go too mascara



  4. Wow, that mascara is brutal! Your lashes look almost doll-like!


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