18 January 2013

70's Revival.

Dress Topshop // leather gillet H&M (sale) // ring + chain necklace Topshop (sale) // feather and charm necklace Dorothy Perkins

So recently I've been getting into my spiritual side (thanks to my lovely Harriet Coleman) because I've been so stressed out over the past couple of months, I literally felt like I was drowning. I stopped caring so much about material things, about people that put me through hell in the past year and now I'm concentrating on building myself back to be the better version of me, and I'm doing that through detox tea's, vitamin, herbal remedies, saying yes to a lot more things, trying new things, challanging my fears and being more relaxed and at ease. I wouldn't say I believe in a lot of things, but having a new found "free spirit" attitude is already taking it's effect - I'm a lot calmer and spontaneous than I was even a month ago. And it's starting to show in the way I dress too, I've recently got obsessed with the navajo trend (again, thanks Harriet!) and jewellery with semi precious stones, feathers and charms. It's almost like channeling the 1970's hippies!

I wore this outfit yesterday evening to go for dinner, I love mixing the soft romantic dress with a tough leather gillet and chunky jewellery. The colour of the feathers match the ring stone and the thread through my chunky chain necklace. Layering necklaces is a great look, mix and match different lengths but make sure they all have a theme running through them.



  1. I love this outfit SOO much. It has a great modernized 70's vibe xx

  2. Glad to hear you brave your way through life and people who stress you out! Very happy for your new found spritual side :-) And awesome outfit ofc :-)

  3. You look amazing, really loving leather gillets at the minute!



  4. Beautiful , love this outfit xx


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