5 January 2013

Benefit Magic Ink.

This is the first time I have tried the Benefit Magic Ink Jet-Black Liquid Eyeliner, it was a present from my boyfriend for Christmas as he knows how much I love Benefit! I'm really fussy with liquid eyeliners, I need to get the brush just right! I wear eyeliner almost everyday, its an essential for me.

"Sexy, stunning and sinfully black..." is the description on the box of the product. A slim brush guarantees easy application, especially if your eyeliner flicks out at the end. This shape gives an almond shape to the eye and works perfectly with smoky shadow.

It was really easy to create a very thin line in the inner corners of my eye and slowly thicken towards the ends. The brush glides easily along the eye, and the liquid black dries quickly for less smudges (I always end up getting a few on my eye from blinking too soon!)

I'm really impressed with the product, another hit for Benefit and it has now become my favourite eyeliner! What is yours? Do you prefer liquid or kohl?



  1. I love Benefit and need a new liquid eyeliner, hmmm perhaps this may be my next purchase, it looks amazing

  2. Personally, I prefer kohl, but this looks amazing, I love benefit products



  3. I have never tried this liquid liner nor even looked at it in the store but i think i need to check it out. <3

  4. This looks like a great liner. It's going onto my wish list.

  5. I used to use Benefit Magic Ink and it was really good, just shame it has such a large price tag! xo


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