28 January 2013

Delivery Companies: Love Them, or Loathe Them?*

I was recently contacted about writing a post about delivery and courier companies, my initial reply was "I have a love/hate relationship with them." Want to risk it? And it's true, a subject like deliveries is so touchy to most - a view on them depends whether you're having a good week or a bad week: receiving things you ordered yesterday this morning or in extreme cases a delivery you asked for two weeks ago.

As a blogger, I have a sufficient amount of parcels coming to my house from companies that I am working with and I like to do my jobs quickly and efficiently. I remember once I freaked when a delivery company placed my parcel in the nearest Post Office branch to my house (I missed the delivery which was late and on its way from across the seven seas...) but the problem was that particular Post Office closed at 5:00 on working days, and I don't get home till 5:30! Luckily I managed to get half an hour off work and rush there, just to save my own reputation of not being a late blogger and keep my credentials with the company. Other times, companies will tell me it could take up to 3 working days to receive an item and it's on my doorstep next morning. Amazing!

There are certain courier companies who's name makes me shiver: late deliveries, items left on the doorstep for anyone to take, fragile parcels thrown across the fence for you to open and find your delicate perfume bottles are smashed to pieces... But there are some that actually listen to the customers needs. I have received items from Parcelforce before, and I can gladly say (and touch the wood next to me!) that I haven't had any problems. If I know I have a delivery coming, I will leave the delivery guys a note to say where I want the item placed, or with whom, and when I get home I know my item is safe and sound and where I want it to be. I always sign my request letter as well, just in case something goes wrong for the delivery men, there is proof that I have asked for those long awaited perfume bottles to be chucked across the fence and if I asked for it, it's my fault they're broken.

The conclusion that I came to while thinking about delivery and courier companies is that I (and most) would suffer without them. My boyfriend Ollie ordered 90% of his Christmas presents online this year during the month of December, if delivery companies didn't exist and the Post Office was fully rammed with Christmas gifts people were buying, he would have either had nothing to give or face the daunting task of actually going shopping. One off boutique companies survive online and who brings us the long awaited, beautiful dresses? The couriers. It all depends on the type of courier you pick - make sure to check out their reputation, T&C's on the website and if in doubt you can always ring up and ask about your delivery! I am currently outraged at a company which I ordered from 12 days ago, and on the website it says with Standard Delivery my items will be with me in 3-4 working days. It's now been 12. My first instinct was to think something happened with the courier company, maybe they'd lost it or delivered to the wrong address but after checking my order status it turns out that actually, this very well known company had only processed my order 10 days after I paid for it. My advice is: do your research if you want to use a courier service and do your research if you're unhappy with a delivery as you may find it's not the couriers fault at all...

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  1. This is the most unique post I have ever read! It was very interesting though! x


    1. Thank you :)
      Glad you liked the post!

      Lana, xo

  2. A great little read - I have to agree, I'd be stumped without courier services as I do a lot of my shopping on-line. As with everything you get some couriers you favour over others, I've personally never had an issue with DHL and find them extremely thorough.

    Hannah www.cagneyandlace.com Check out my Neom candle giveaway!

  3. I think my pet hate with deliveries would have to be when they leave a 'Sorry you were out' note without even knocking when you're in the house waiting for the parcel you've been expecting. What's the point in getting to the door and not even bothering to deliver the item?

    Great post!

    Laura xx - Black & Gold

  4. Nice post, but I must say that there are some good companies who work properly and some bad companies is well. It's depend on you and your luck, which company you choose. By god grace, I was lucky that I got a good company and they also had sameday couriers london. And They are truly punctual with their work.

  5. I am totally agree with Capital Couriers. I have some good experience and some bad experience with courier companies. Obviously good experience with whom I am satisfied. One of good company has a service of courier services ebay

  6. Thanks for sharing this post. I used to be afraid to order anything online, whether clothing or an item needing more careful handling, because I was used to bad experiences with delivery companies. My item would be broken or damaged and they never cared. The delivery person would always be either rude or you could just tell they hated their job. So I started researching delivery companies online prior to making an order and reading their views and ratings and it was the best decision I ever made. Recently I purchased new furniture for my mom for her birthday and before ordering, I found out the shipping company they used. The HomeDirectUSA ratings are very high and many customers spoke positively of them.

  7. Thank you for sharing. I could not agree with you more. I think it’s very important to do your research before you choose a delivery service. I was referred a courier in Minneapolis and not only were they affordable they were really nice!

  8. Hi Lana,

    Greetings. I really like this post because you have discussed each & every point so deeply and clearly. Great Shot, Thanks!



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