29 January 2013

January Haul.

Hello, I'm poor! This is how I'm going to introduce myself until my payday. I really wanted to purchase Benefits Fine One One on the day of it's release so Mumma T (my ma Tanya) and I went to a shopping center near us. But when we go shopping together, it never ends up that we buy the one thing we came for and leave - oh no, half of the high street gets brought back home with us!

So I picked up Benefits new cheek and lip duo (review of which you can read here) and then carried on to have a quick snoop at Primarks stock to see if anything caught my eye. I have to say I was slightly disappointed with what they had in store clothing-wise, however I had a field day in the accessories department! I bought three rings, two cuffs, an ear cuff and a bag. The accessories have gone a more Navajo style which I am loving at the moment, and if you're not sure how you feel about ear cuffs and wanted to try one - £2.50 is a bargain that you can't miss. I then spotted the big "bucket" bag as I would call it which I fell in love with immediately. I'm a bit of a bag snob, but I haven't found a bag I liked in YEARS and when I spotted this little beauty I had to have it.

I then carried on mooching to Topshop when I thought it would be a good idea to rock up to Superdrug and find a nice, fine glittery nail polish probably from Barry M as they're always a bargain. I walked out with Essies "So Cozy".

When finally at Topshop, my beautiful mother told me she'd buy me a little treat for passing an important test that morning so I told her I'd had my eye out on the bowler hat for months, but as I approached the bowler hat I saw a trilby type hat that was just gorge. So, after 20 painful minutes of deciding which hat I wanted (because I thought purchasing two hats on one shopping trip might be a little extreme) I ended up with both.

Making a quick pit stop at Lush to have a look at what Ollie can get me for Valentines Day (cheeky!) I picked up two lip scrubs. Did I need them? A bit as my lips were chapped.

And final stop was Zara. I picked up some pieces in the clothing sale, but just as I was about to try them on I spotted two must-have pair of boots that outweighed the need for more clothes. I spent another half an hour deciding which pair I wanted because I could tell my bank balance wasn't looking wealthy already. Thinking that I'd made my mind up I came up to the till ready to pay and call it a day when the sales girl informed me the boots went even lower in the sale. Not missing this opportunity, I rushed over to grab the other pair of boots and they too have been hugely discounted. So I bought them both.

Then I came home to find my stuffed parcels have arrived from RocknRose, Never Fully Dressed and Topshop. Ding ding!

Phew! Hope you enjoyed that little story of why I am POOR this month, but it was all worth it. If I end up on the streets, at least I'll be glam whilst I'm in the gutter ;)



  1. Great haul!! Love the hat and rings!! Think you made the right choice :-). xxx


  2. I love everything you bought, they're so pretty! x


  3. I'm sooo buying that bag next time I'm in Primark!



  4. This is such a good haul, I have that bag and I love it!!!xo


  5. Nice stuff!!!!!!! i want those rings <3
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  6. Everything you got is so lovely - especially the shoes. I love the cuffs too but my wrists are so tiny I can't fit them :( Xx

  7. cool shopping :)

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  8. Don't worry, before the last lot of my student loan came in I managed to get myself a good £300 into overdraft because after buying Christmas presents for my family I decided I needed a little treat (or five) for being such a great gift buyer. Forgetting my family were going to get me gifts in return.. oops.

    I'm into positive numbers on my bank balance again now haha, lovely haul.

    Emily x - prettypleaseprettyplease.blogspot.com


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