20 January 2013

REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask.

I've always heard great things about REN and I finally got a chance to test them out for myself. I love good face masks, I think they make such a huge difference to your skin! 
This is a detoxifying clay mask which helps make pores smaller, help reduce blackheads and draw out impurities to make skin smoother.You apply it onto clean dry skin, wait for it to dry and then gently rub it off your face, then rinse your face with warm water to get rid of any mask that may still be on your skin. 

The first time I tried the mask, I must have put on a very thin layer as when it came to rubbing the mask off, I couldn't quite do that... So the next time I covered my face with a thicker layer and the results were magical. The mask rubbed off easily, watch the flakes as they do go everywhere so do it over the sink! Immediately I could see the results, it looked like I had just applied primer - my pores appeared smaller and smoother over and my face was glowing. I'm so happy with the results, this is a brand that I will be using much more and often from now on. There might be a hefty price tag, but for the results you get it's really worth it. 

Have any of you used REN before? What did you think of their products? 



  1. I really would like this especially how you describe it after you applied more on the face.

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  2. i never tried any products by REN this mask sounds really good...


  3. I really want to try REN products, they sound so amazing




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