11 January 2013

VO5 Look 1 : Tousled Tresses

Tools for the Tousled look: VO5 Texture Style Spray* £3.89// Texture Cream Wax* £3.89// Instant Oomph Powder* £4.07// Tangle Teezer £10.99// Hair Straighteners 

I'm sure I'm not the only girl who's always wanted the perfect beach babe hair, but as I live nowhere near the sea it's a little difficult for me to achieve naturally. So many products boast about how they can give you the tousled look but until now I haven't found one which gave me the results I wanted. The VO5 Give Me Texture collection aspires to structure the hair in a suitable way for your hair style - shorter hair styles will have the perfect "just got out of bed" look and longer tresses like mine will be beautifully layered to give you that free spirited look we all want on sunny summer days.

1. Brush clean and dry hair so it's nice and smooth. I use my Tangle Teezer as I find it's the least painful way to get out knots and it smoothes my hair.

2. Slightly straighten your hair with your choice of straighteners. Working with products which give you texture is a lot easier when hair is straight.

3. Start by using the VO5 Texture Style Spray, spray about 10 inches away from your hair avoiding the roots. Make sure you spray evenly, I sometimes tilt my head upside down to get every angle.

4. Then start scrunching hair while the spray is drying, this will create beachy, matted strands of hair and add sexy texture to longer hairstyles.

5. Use the VO5 Instant Oomph Powder, shake it all over the roots of your hair to add volume.

6. Rub the powder into your roots and style hair how you want it to fall, I love the side parting with this kind of style.

To finish the look, I used the VO5 Texture Cream Wax to keep lonely strands of hair away from my face. No need to use hairspray or any other products as the Style Spray holds in place really well. The spray is an absolute favourite of mine, unlike a lot of beach sprays that guarantee texture, this spray delivers excellent results and smells delicious! Finish the look with a little bronzer and nude lips, to remind you of sultry summer nights and beach days.



  1. Aww this look is so nice, i've been trying to achieve something like this forever, but mousse never done the job right, think i'll give this a wee go! :)

    Loz│NOIR │♥

  2. I'm definitely going to try this! :)
    Thanks for posting how you did it! Your hair looks lovely!

  3. I am going to have to try this, I have a lot of problems when trying to tousle my own hair. It's really annoying. Hopefully this is the solution..?!


  4. Oooo I love this, gonna try it tomorrow X

  5. Your hair is amazing, so pretty!



  6. oh i love this look! I'll definitely try it out, it has that awesome beachy vibe too!



  7. I reaaaaly want to try the V05 range! You definitely achieved the beachy look :)

    just found your blog, followed on GFC :)



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