13 February 2013

Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit.

I was recently approached to review some new products from the Jerome Russell BBlonde range and as I've been obsessing with hair this year, I quickly agreed. I decided to try the highlighting kit as I've had highlights before and I think it's a wonderful way to brighten your hair without dying it all over, so you still keep the natural colour along with the brighter strands.

The kit comes with everything you would need to commence the operation - except for a helper. This is one thing I will start with: unless you want to go through absolute hell, ask a friend to help you out with some of the aspects of this process (I asked my ma). This method uses a neat but largely unattractive cap that you place over brushed hair, then you use a little hook to pull through thin strands of hair all over your head through the cap. This is the bit that I find terrible to do on your own, so I asked my mama to come and help me, I mean I can't see where the little holes are in the back of my cap!
If you have long hair, you need to be very careful when pulling the hair through, as it can tangle and become very painful. So make sure you really brush out all the tangles prior to placing the cap on your head and ask your friend to be gentle.
The first time it can take a long time, I think I was sat waiting for my hair to be pulled through for about two hours! So get a magazine, or a film, and get comfy. Once my hair was fully through the little holes in the cap, we mixed all the ingredients together and started dying! The mixture comes out blue, then you brush it onto the hair and this is where the cap is great, as it protects the rest of your hair and your skin from the dye. You then have to place what looks like a plastic bag over the top of your hair (again, looks so silly but is brilliant as it helps the dye and prevents it from going anywhere else, like your clothes, where it could damage it).

I waited 30 minutes as I have naturally light hair, if you have darker hair wait a little longer but keep checking on the colour every 15 minutes, I could see mine going blonder after 20. You then rinse out the dye with the cap on, after all the dye has gone remove the cap (again, be careful not to tangle your hair in it) and wash with the shampoo provided. As dyes can often dry hair out, I then smother mine in conditioner, wait a minute and rinse. Then treat it as normal, with any sprays/leave in conditioners you would use.

I was really impressed with the results, it might have taken longer than most home highlights - but it was worth it. Because the strands were all over my head, my mam didn't miss any patches, it was all very even and professional  The blonde colour is just how I would have wanted it, real blonde - not yellow. And even after worrying that my hair might be a little dry, it was moisturised and healthy. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone thinking of doing home highlights, and I will be using this kit to highlight again during the summer, it's cheaper than a salon but with amazing results! Just remember to get someone to help you on board, and you're ready for your summer hair update!

What do you think of the colour? Have you tried this method before?



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  2. My sister and I use the Jerome Russell BBlonde kits for ombre-ing our hair! My hairdresser quoted me around £80 to have it done in the salon which was ridiculous, so I went out and bought one of these from boots and it cost me about £5!! I couldn't be happier with how it worked, it's great! And so easy as well!
    Eleanor x

  3. Your hair looks lovely! Great blog too :) Will like it now :)

    gracierosee.blogspot.co.uk xx

  4. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!

    A little bit Unique


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  5. amazing photo ! i follow you if you like my blog follow me too =)

  6. Your hair looks really good. For at home kit this seems really good and easy to use

  7. i was thinking of trying this out to brighten up my hair a bit, thanks for the helpful review, your hair is lovely :D

    Emily x



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