26 February 2013

The Body Shop Foundation Brush.

The Body Shop Foundation Brush £12

Brushes are such an important tool in your daily makeup routine - they help apply product with ease and precision, they get into creases where your fingers wouldn't necessarily fit and they keep your hands clean. It's also very important to keep your brushes clean and update them when needs be. I started using decent makeup brushes when I turned 18 and have never looked back since. They can be a pain when you have to constantly clean them, and dry them and fork out for good quality ones but bad brushes actually scare me now! So my foundation brush finally looked like the bad guy and I knew it was time to replace it.

This time I have chosen a Body Shop brush, which is made from super soft synthetic hair and has an easy to grip handle. I love The Body Shop products because they are cruelty free which is a massive bonus to any company ♥ The brush glides easily around the face and is great for when you need to get in the creases around your nose.

I really loved using this brush and I am hoping to update some more of my brushes with The Body Shop ones. Which brand of brushes in your favourite? Any new ones I should try?



  1. I've tried a few Body Shop brushes, and whilst I didn't mind the foundation brush I couldn't stand the face and body brush, the bristles were almost too soft and synthetic that I couldn't apply my bronzer/blusher properly. Definitely don't recommend that one.

    I love real techniques the best I think in terms of value for money versus effectiveness, though you can't go wrong with mac! x


    1. I really want to try the Real Techniques ones!

      I haven't tried any other Body Shop brushes, but I might steer clear of the blusher ones then :)

      Lana, xo

    2. Oh you should, I recommend a starter set to get you going - better value for money that way to try the RT brushes and they're all full size :-) x

  2. I have kabuki brush from Body Shop for like 4 years and it is amazing! All bristles are in place and it is super soft - I love it! X


  3. I really like these kind of brushes - however I am yet to own one haha. I will definitely be trying this one out! xx

  4. Need to get my hands on this brush!

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