3 February 2013

The Body Shop Soya Milk Bath Powder.

After I'd hit gold in The Body Shop sale I stumbled upon the other day, I eventually went back to see some more goodies. I found this soya milk bath powder for a bargain £2! I'd heard that soya milk is really good for you, not only to drink but also for skin in baths. This product comes in a sweet little bag that you can store the bath powder in, it's only tiny at 60g and will last you 4/5 baths.

I poured in about 1/5 of the bag into running water, it's slightly scented and the bubbles appeared immediately. They don't stay for long, but after the bubbles disappear you get a milky coloured bath and super soft water. I've mentioned previously with some products, they make the water really soft on the skin and it's heaven being in a bath like that!

I really enjoyed using this product, my skin was very soft when I got out of my hot bath. I think I'll stop by The Body Shop and pick up some more of these sachets whilst there is still some in the sale!



  1. This sounds lovely, definitely need to try this. Thanks for sharing! :) XO


  2. I really wish I could try out bath products like this, i love pampering myself but i don't have a bathtub :(



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