9 February 2013

Valentines with Motel Rocks ♥

Valentines Day 2

If you've been reading some of my last posts, you might be surprised I'm even participating in Valentines Day this year. Being dumped a week before the celebrations is probably up there with a birthday or Christmas break up. It's just not cool in any shape or form. But, brainwashing myself with up lifting alpha female songs like Nicole Sherzingers "Boomerang", Kelly Clarksons "Stronger" and and Beyonces "Irreplaceable" I've managed to bring myself to start writing about the day during which couples get a free pass to grope each other publicly and single people to cry into their Ben&Jerrys whilst watching "Bridget Jones' Diary" or old reruns of "Sex and the City", or beat it and have an amazing night with their best pals. I'm torn between crying myself to sleep whilst trying to figure out what I did so wrong for the love of my life to ditch me, or grabbing some fresh fish and a bottle of wine to have a great sushi night in with my best friend, discussing what I did so wrong for the love of my life to ditch me.

If I was going out this V Day, this Motel Rocks dress would be the one. I love it, I think it's so flattering and the colour is just amazing! It's fun, flirty and fashionable. I'd pair it with a romantic rose crown from RocknRose, and cute tights which mimic suspenders for a classy yet sexy feel. Because the colour of the dress is so bright, I'd keep my makeup to a minimum with a liquid eyeliner flick, natural lips and rosy cheeks. Hair would be style in romantic waves, like in my VO5 tutorial which you can view here. Oh, and don't forget your Lipcote if you're one of the lucky ones to get a kiss from your perfect man ;)

I'm one step short of climbing on a rooftop with a huge banner stating my undying love for the one and only Oliver to prove to him just how much he means to me and hope he sees sense that we are meant to be together. Good idea or social/actual suicide? I remember my last declaration of love for a boy happened at the age of 11 when I passed him a note written on a paper with a picture of a kitten and puppy (true story...), an hour later I was to find that letter had made it's way through my year, his year and everything below and above at our school. I have never, for nearly 12 years, declared my feelings publicly towards anyone when I wasn't sure of the outcome. So as I tally up the results of Yes/NO to the rooftop idea, enjoy 20% off Motel Rocks with my code "fashionfake" :)

Happy Valentines ♥



  1. I love motel rocks! And break ups are hard honey , but if he can't see how amazing you are, you're better off without!



    1. Thank you for the kind words sweetie :)
      I've still got some hope with a romantic gesture! Haha :)

      Lana, xo


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