4 March 2013


Jumper Topshop (old) // skirt New Look // boots New Look // silver collar RocknRose // ring Primark 

I was having an awful hair day today, so I had to do my hair up in a top knot which is my bad hair day SOS. I'm still not 100% whether it suits me, but it's probably my most worn hairstyle other than loose waves.
I dug out my old sweater with studs on the shoulders, it's a favourite item of clothing that I bought when I was working at Topshop. I really miss messing around with clothes on a daily basis, retail was so much fun but I knew I couldn't stay there forever because I wanted (and still do) for my career to blossom into something bigger, still in the fashion department of course. But sometimes when I see a managerial role advertised in a favourite shops window my mind does start ticking about applying.

I usually wear this sweater with high waisted jeans, but this time I teamed it with a wet look skater skirt. I'm loving this outfit for winter party nights, it's cute yet warm! I might be an old grandma, but I'd rather be warm in what I'm wearing or I just don't bother going out. Add some silver accessories to match the studs and BOOM! Here's my ootd!



  1. I'm loving the top that you have on and can I just say I would die for your legs they just go on forever *Jealous* hehe.

    Shauni xx


  2. great outfit :) the skirt is perfect

  3. I love your hair haha and the skirt is gorgeous, you look so pretty!

    A little bit Unique


  4. I was having a black day today too for some reason! I haven't got around to posting my ootd yet though, I think it'll be up tomorrow.. Your hair does suit you in a top knot, mine doesn't though, because I've got a bit of a pea head and it tends to highlight that haha! And you look so tall in these pictures!
    Eleanor x


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