18 March 2013

You could have had anything you wanted from me, I’m a catch.

Top, skirt, boots all Topshop // necklaces Topshop, River Island and Rock 'n Rose

Last weekend I went out with my friend Claire for a lovely dinner at the Three Cups in Stockbridge which ended up in a dreaded trip to the club (I know, I'm sick) but actually we ended up having a really good time! Occasionally, and I mean like once in a blue moon, I will venture out for a dance. Usually I prefer to have a couple of drinks in a cocktail bar or after dinner, but actually a silly dance was something I needed.

 I absolutely love this outfit because of the small details and the play in lengths and textures: you can't really see but the skirt is actually velvet. I usually wear this top with skinny jeans or disco trousers, but I thought it looked rather good in this outfit, so it's encouraged me to play around with different outfits and lengths.

So here we go, an outfit which is fashionable, cute and not naked for a night out! I'm just not up for baring my skin when the temperatures are at a minus.... Can't wait until the summer though, when the playsuits and wedges come out!

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  1. I can't wait for summer style too, love your skirt, you look so pretty

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  2. Wow the skirt is amazing!

    Emma x

  3. love your boots!

  4. Who said that going to the club should consist of half nakedness, you did a wonderful job! Adore the skirt the most *_*

  5. The skirt is gorgeous! Such a nice outfit



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