26 April 2013

Makeup Sponge by H&M (Beauty Blender Alternative).

Makeup Sponge by H&M £2.99

The beauty world has been taken by storm by a makeup sponge under the name of Beauty Blender. Top beauty bloggers have been giving this little yet heavily priced accessory (£16) the thumbs up, so I really wanted to give it a go. However, just before I ordered it from the Beauty Blender UK website I found a very similar item in H&M for a fraction of the price, so I thought I'll give this a go before I splurge on the real thing.

I was quite skeptical using this sponge, especially as recently my foundation is just not getting on with any sort of brushes or sponges. So, here goes:

I pour the foundation onto the outside of my hand, then use the sponge to dip into a little bit of foundation. Then just kind of "hop" it all over your face to create a smooth and even coverage. I was really impressed with the results and how evenly the sponge covered my skin, definitely pleasantly surprised! I use the chunky, rounded side to do most of my face and then the pointy edge to get into difficult areas like the sides of my nose and around my eyes.

This is such a bargain for £2.99 and I don't really see the point in getting a Beauty Blender now as this kind of serves the purpose perfectly. I don't know, are Blenders really worth the mass hype created around them, has anyone tried one and would recommend it over a dupe?



  1. I have seen Beauty Blenders all over Youtube, especially in the US people like MeghanRossette use them all the time for the everyday foundation application.

    Well done for finding this! I'm always looking for a bargain as a student!

    I love your blog, it inspires me!


  2. Everyone always raves on about beauty blenders so I think i'll give this cheaper option a go


  3. I saw this the other day but wondered if it was up to spec considering the price - so glad it worked for you as I'm now going to give it a try! x


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