9 April 2013

Melt Scented Candle - Shine.

As you all know (by how much I've been going on about it) I've recently redecorated my room, and got some cute new accessories for it. I am still yet to do a room tour post, which will happen once I'm happy with it, so keep an eye out! But I was really excited to be contacted by Melt, an English scented candle company. I love scented candles so I jumped at the opportunity and awaited for my candle to arrive.

Melt hand pour all of their candles to ensure every part is scented, and the smell is gorgeous. When I received my candle, which is from the Shine range, I opened the box and my room quickly filled with fragrance before I even lit the wick. The Shine candle ingredients are armoise, grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, mandarin, amber, woody florals and warm musks. Citrus smells are great for boosting low moods and woody smells help keep up your immune system (I know this from going to my amazing aromatherapy masseuse :) and lately as we haven't had much sun, I have been feeling a little low and just bleeeugh in a way to describe it, so lighting this candle and smelling zingy and fresh scents has really helped boost me up a little!

Scented candles by Melt last for over 70 hours (YESSS!) which means even more time to relax and pretend you're somewhere far away from everyday life or just have it on in the background for everyday comfort. I'm really impressed with my candle and so happy I discovered the brand.


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