12 April 2013

Style Stalker.

StyleStalker, FashionFake, fashion, outfit, look, leggings

StyleStalker, FashionFake, fashion, outfit, look, leggings

StyleStalker, FashionFake, fashion, outfit, look, leggings

Last night I went to see Dark Skies, something about me – I love horror films. I’ve seen most of them including old cult classics and comedy indie favourites. Some of my favourites include An American Werewolf in London, Dawn of the Dead (remake), Shaun of the Dead, Drag Me to Hell… Actually there’s just too many. I always loved spooky films and TV series, and I have been fascinated by the supernatural. I think the world is just much more interesting with the thought of something else that not everybody can see existing. I am quite a sceptic though, so it’s all just fun and games (que a spirit entering the room to prove me wrong.) I am mega excited for The Evil Dead remake to hit the cinemas in the UK, I remember the original scared me enough! On the 18th, I’ma be in the cinema watching it.

I love these leggings I bought from StyleStalker, they can toughen up a floral blouse and go well with a monochrome look, can be worn casual (like in this outfit) or be dressed up for a night out with Jeffrey Campbells “Lita” shoes and stacks of bohemian jewellery. StyleStalker is a favourite amongst the brands I wear because of their unique pieces, and I love teaming them with plain items for an up to date classic look.

With the hot weather due to hit England this weekend, I’m planning some beach hangouts and beer garden days, what’s on everyones agendas, anything happening in the sun I should know about? Also, just to let you know I’ve started linking the products which I am wearing to their location on websites so if I can find it, it will be linked below the image J



  1. Oh my, those leggings are seriously cool!! They are defiantly a talking point. Love them :)

  2. I love your sleeveless biker jacket. I'm a big horror film fan too, I might check out Dark Skies. Was it good? xoxo

    1. Yeah, I really liked it! Not usually into alien films - but this one had a good twist :)

      Lana, xo

  3. Amazing outfit! I love the leggings!

    Emma x

  4. I could never watch the evil dead, I'm such a wuss I hate scary films lol, you look gorgeous, love the gilet

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  5. I can't wait till the remake of evil dead is out either!
    Daniella x


  6. These leggings are amazing! x


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