22 May 2013

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick.

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick in No Competition £13

Last winter, I have been looking around for a nice plum colour to wear and I came pretty close with a Bloom lipstick (which later on was not that great as the colour faded quite quickly) and a Models Own (which was great but very, very dark). I know it's not the trendiest lip colour going at the moment, but I think plums will be making a comeback so for any of you who are thinking of grabbing a darker lip colour, look no further than this.

At Christmas (I know, months ago!) I got this lipstick as a present and prior to that I've only tried Benefit lipglosses, so I was really intrigued.

I loved how soft and creamy the Full Finish lipsticks are, they colour in your lips and keep them nourished without having to apply the lipstick over and over again in the space of an hour. Even though the shade is quite dark for me, I think it suits my paler complection and I like that it's creamy, so you can just dab it on the lips for a softer look.

I have to confess that this lipstick might end up in my drawer for a little while as I'm loving my corals at the moment, but I am looking forward to wearing it again once A/W 2013 happens.



  1. I love plum shades! They are so versatile and I think they will be making a come back too :) really suits you. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  2. I love the quote! haha, this shade is amazing :) x

  3. I wish I suited plum shades more. This looks lovely! x


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