23 May 2013

Real Techniques.

It was only a matter of time before I gave into the hype and invested in a set of Real Techniques brushes. The amount of praise I have heard from vloggers, read reviews online and been bombarded by tweets, I was  interested to see what set these brushes apart from every other brand. I have used makeup brushes for years now, and my collection was mixed from value brushes from H&M more upmarket and animal friendly ones from The Body Shop, and they did a pretty good job. So, what made such a difference between a brush for £2.99 vs a brush at £12?

I bought the Core Collection set which comes with 4 brushes and a travel case which easily transforms into a stand (handy!). The brushes make up everything you would need to create the perfect base: pointed foundation brush, buffing brush, contour brush and detailer brush. The foundation brush is perfect for applying liquid foundation which is what I would normally use and it has ultra soft bristles. I have used it several times and I would rate the application of the foundation more or less the same as my other brushes, however the soft bristles make such a huge difference in the way the brush feels, it didn't irritate or prod my skin at all. Because it's quite small and pointed, the brush gets into the corners of your nose and other hard to reach areas easily, which gives it a thumbs up! I then use the detailer brush for my concealer, because it's so tiny and easy to use - it can also be used to apply lipstick for a better finish and long lasting results. But my most favourite experience was the buffing brush: use it to apply powder and also mineral foundation. I used it with my powder and I was quite amazed with the results - flawless, soft, even coverage. It made my skin look really soft too, and almost airbrushed. This by far was the best brush for me, it is now my holy grail of brushes and I swear by it. Even if my foundation looks dull and uneven, enter the Buffing Brush and suddenly it's all glowing and even! I then finish with the contour brush which is used for highlighters, the pointed and rounded shape of this brush makes it perfect for applying the product onto your cheekbones and on the arch of your brow.

I also bought the stippling brush which has been reviewed by some of my favourite bloggers. I watched the video by Samantha Chapman, the creator of Real Techniques, and it truly is the one brush you do need as it applies everything from liquid foundation to powder blushes. It's easy to use, soft on the skin and creates a flawless, airbrushed finish.

The verdict? I'd recommend the brushes to anyone who asks. It's a small investment into your skin and a promise to look the best you can look, with the added benefit of quick and mess free makeup application.



  1. Lovely review, i would really like to expand my brush collection. You take great pictures too, I found this really helpful. Thank you for sharing Honey :)



  2. I'm such a fan of the buffing brush! Their powder brush is so so good too :) lovely blog! X

  3. Love real techniques brushes, they wash so well! Definitely well worth the money

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


  4. I really need to invest in some real techniques brushes! xx

  5. I absolutely love these brushes i have all of them apart from the Duo ones which i really need to get haha



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