9 June 2013

Here are a few of my favourite things...

I have been banging on about showing you guys a little peek at my new room for ages now, so here are a couple if my favourites taken from it. For a while, I lived with a guy so as much as the bedroom was modern and stylish it wasn't really a place where I felt like it was "my own". I've always loved the antique looking, crisp white furniture and boudoir accessories. My dressing table is so cluttered at the moment and it really bugs me, I want it to be minimalistic but unfortunately as a beauty fanatic that is never going to happen...

My orchid which came back from the dead is probably the only plant I have managed to keep alive for longer than a week, so we've become best buddies and I will take him with me wherever I go.
The mannequin bust in the second photo was kindly given to me by my manager at Dorothy Perkins when I worked there when I was just a little bubby at 17! I now dress it up in pretty bralets and lots of accessories, and use her as a decorative jewellery stand. You don't have to spend a lot of money on a mannequin, have a look on e-bay or vintage markets and haggle your way down!

One of my other most treasured items is my photo album which I started when I was 18. It holds not just photographs but notes and tickets, anything that will provoke a memory in my head. Some of those images make me laugh, some smile and some even cry - like the letters from someone I can't bring myself to throw away. Sounds almost masochistic, but I can guarantee that when I come home from a bad day and just want to cry without a reason I can look in that photo album and bawl my eyes out. You know, everyone needs a good cry, on their own, in their room and under a blanket when the world just feels like it's out to get you.

I have made this room a little sanctuary for a little while, life is so hectic these days and I know it's only going to get busier with some things I've got planned ahead for the next couple of months, so this is my own space where the only two beings invited are myself and my pooch Harvey. Here we relax and watch episodes of Supernatural together (don't even ask how as I don't have a TV in the room and my laptop is broken... beg, steal and borrow comes into play) but as much as I have redecorated this room, there's one thing I won't be able to paint over and that is the memories which surround it. So, I'm looking around, preferably for a little cottage in the suburbs, to move in to and I've already found a couple which seem perfect and that gives me the determination to settle everything I need to and start building my own home, on my own this time, and know safely that nothing is ever going to tear it apart.

So that was my little room tour / confession hour! Hope you enjoyed this post, and if you've recently done a room tour, leave me a link in the comment box!



  1. Everything looks so pretty!

    -zofia xo

  2. You have such beautiful stuff! Your vogue collection is pretty impressive too! x Hayley-Eszti



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