6 June 2013

Puppy Tales.

dog print blouse Primark // trousers Urban Outfitters // shoes Primark // necklace Rock n' Rose // watch Urban Outfitters 

Bonjour everyone! Today I decided to dress a little more comfy yet still sophisticated and I thought the best way to do this would be by wearing baggy clothes made from silky fabric. Wearing this outfit almost felt like PJ's because of how comfy it was, with dusty pink and cream fabrics. Although I have to mention halfway through the day, I had to give up on the trousers because they were waaaaay too tight, so my attempt at all day comfyness by my desk just failed. On that topic, SHOPS can you please stop making weird sizes because this is just frustrating now! If it's an S, don't tailor it to an XS... Please...
Do a lot of people have this issue? I know me and all my friends do - from shop to shop I am a different size, ranging from 3 different sizes. Like, really?? It's confusing and unnecessary.

Recently I have been ridiculously busy trying to over achieve at my new job, catch up with friends and also learn new life skills, so it's been a manic time and I'm finding that coming to my blog is almost like an allocated time for me to just chill and write, socialize and of course answer any questions you might have! I have also really wanted to get my YouTube up and running over the last couple of weeks but I think this will now happen once I'm settled into my new routine (I actually haven't seen some friends in like two weeks - waaaaahh!) and I'm writing up ideas on what posts I'd like to do on YouTube as well as my blog so here's a question for you guys: what posts would you like to see on FashionFake? Is it more outfit posts? More fashion posts? Makeup? Lifestyle? Etc... Please leave your comments in the box below and I'll get crackalacking!



  1. I'm personally always a big fan of Outfit of the Day posts (even though I am still a little too camera-awkward to do many of them on my own blog!)


  2. I have the same problem with shoes :D Shops tend to make weird sizes...
    Pretty blouse and gorgeous pants!!!!

  3. Those trousers are so flattering! x

  4. I like this comfy outfit! I have that problem to. My size is in every store different x) its frustrating :p


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