31 July 2013

Scrunchie Tutorial: Sleek Style

So far I have shown you guys how to wear the scrunchie in two different casual ways, but I saw this style on Pinterest and really wanted to recreate it for a night out. This look is best worn with striking lips and sleek eyeliner, and I dressed it with a mesh inset body, high waisted jeans and black heeled boots. I hope you like this look and if you do try and recreate it, send me pictures on Twitter

First, wash your hair and apply Smoothly Does It heat protection cream* onto towel dried hair. Spread it all over your hair using fingertips. I've recently started using heat protection products on my hair and it makes a huge difference to the state of your hair, obviously it breaks less and is silkier and smoother. This is one of my favourite products and I actually put it on whilst my hair is still wet. I really can't fault VO5 as a high street brand, it's my high street choice of hair care because I always get good results from styling with them. 

Brush your hair, as this is a sleek look you don't want any unwanted bumps in your hair or for it to clump in places. It's also easier to brush out at the end of the night! 

Brush upward, gather all the hair away from your face and make a tight ponytail. Remember to keep it sleek!

Grab your scrunchie* and secure the ponytail in place. It needs to be high up on your head, this way the scrunchie can be seen. 

Using tongs, curl strands of the ponytail in 2/3" sections. Let them cool as they are and be careful not to burn yourself like I kept doing :( OUCH! 

Fix the hair in place with hairspray. I'm loving this VO5 Ultimate Hold Spray*, it's weather resistant which is perfect for the summer season as the weather really doesn't know what it's doing. I've been looking for a spray like this for ages, hopefully now my hair will stay how I want it to! 

Et voila! You are ready to go out an party in style! The whole point of the scrunchie trend returning is to be loud and proud, it's a statement back from the 90s and sits just right amongst the baseball tops, the sport luxe trend and pointed stilettos. 
I hope you guys enjoyed these series of posts, I loves creating them and wearing them! For more scrunchie inspiration check out my Twitter and Instagram where you can find photos of me wearing my scrunchie out. 


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  1. Lovely - JUST Lovely and pretty cute hair style tutorial & idea!:)

    NIKA B.


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