29 October 2013

Halloween Outfit: Vampire

shirt All Saints // Robocop leggings StyleStalker // shoes and gloves Topshop

For years I have managed to dodge the obsession with vampire themed media like Twighlight and True Blood. Then, one day when I was bored and just finished the entire Arrested Development series, I searched on Netflix to find something to entertain me. I came across The Vampire Diaries which has never interested me before, in fact when I sad adverts on the TV I thought it was ridiculous. So naturally, I started watching it telling myself it was to prove a point, to prove that I was right and it was crap. 3 series later, realised that I am now truly addicted to the show. Not only am I successfully charmed by Damon, the evil gone good vampire in the series, but the mix of supernatural characters, life dilemmas and a confusing love story makes for a very balanced show.
Vampires started off being depicted in films as bald, creepy but clever men like Nosferatu, which then all changed and vampires gained a sex symbol status in popular TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters. Remember Angel and Spike from Buffy? Now there's Edward Cullen and Stefan and Damien Salvatore to match that. I started reading the original Dracula book not so long ago, and although Dracula is described as a balding, middle aged man with a large mustache, pale skin and sharp ears (not exactly an idea date) there is something very alluring about him.
I took the idea of a sophisticated and sexy vampire and created this look. I really enjoyed wearing long gloves with a structured outfit, I think it's an item which I will utilise a lot more this Autumn.

Hope you enjoyed this look and here's a question for you: which vampire character is your favourite?



  1. bladdy incredible! Those leggings are just amazing, NEED THEM!

  2. Love the top you are wearing, I'd love to have something like that for Halloween, but I guess I'm a bit late haha :) x

  3. Beautiful outfit! The Robocop leggings are all kinds of awesome

  4. Whoa, this is so awesome! You look gorgeous! There's a slight steam punk vibe coming from this outfit and I freakin love it!

    Haha, I guess the vampire mythology will always mesmerize us. I had a glimpse of "The Vampire diaries" and really didn't like it, it was too teenage-y for me (if that's even a word :D) Buffy forever!!!!! :D


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