17 November 2013

Fudge Urban Hair Chalk Review

FashioFake, Fudge Urban hair chalk, hair chalk, beauty blog, fashion blog
FashioFake, Fudge Urban hair chalk, hair chalk, beauty blog, fashion blog
FashioFake, Fudge Urban hair chalk, hair chalk, beauty blog, fashion blog
Fudge Urban hair chalks in Purple and White, both £5.99

I have always wanted to test out different hair colours like pastel pinks and purples, but never had the guts to try out dye as well as worrying about how a semi permanent bright hair colour would go down with the agency I worked with. I have thought about hair chalks for a while, but some of them come with warning that the chalks might stain light hair, so again I was a little bit of a coward when it came to trying them out. But when I spotted these Fudge Urban hair chalks in Superdrug, I decided to give them a go as hair chalks sounded like a perfect temporary solution.

The Fudge Urban hair chalks are easy to apply and when you get a bright colour, you can turn it into pastel by using the white chalk - so I picked up the purple and white chalks to create a pastel purple colour. After washing and styling hair how you want it, simply rub the chalk into strands of hair and rub in using fingertips. Remember to place a towel on your shoulders so the chalk that's flaking doesn't land on your clothes. I started with the purple and concentrated on the ombre in my hair, then I rubbed in the white chalk but left some strands brighter than the others to create different shades. Then spray some hairspray to lock in the chalk and you're ready! The colour lasts all night/day and doesn't come off if you sleep with the colour after you've locked it in with hairspray, however I haven't been caught in the rain with it yet so I cannot comment on that!

It's a great way to experiment with different hair colours and there are a variety of different chalks to choose from including pink, blue and red so everyone can have a pick. I really recommend this if you have a job which restricts you to how you look but you would like a more daring hair style for the weekend/festival or if you're not ready to commit to a brighter semi permanent hair colour.

Have you tried hair chalks before? What did you guys think?


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