17 November 2013

Hair Extensions at Pauls Hair World

Lauren Conrad hair, FashionFake, hair extensions, dip dye hair
Jessica Alba hair, FashionFake, hair extensions, dip dye hair
FashionFake, beauty blog, dip dye hair, hair extensions

When I was 17, I had the most unfortunate incident at a famous hair salon where my pride and joy, my long blonde locks, got chopped into a rather hideous bob after asking to have a "trim". My hair went from reaching my belly to barely touching my shoulders - can you imagine the horror, the tears and the pure rage I experience when the stylist decided to experiment with my hair and the first strand was chopped... It was horrifying. Just horrifying. So I absolutely had to get my hair back and the only way to do so was to embrace hair extensions. Ever since my first set of extensions, I have loved the concept - there are so many colours and styles to choose from, and if done properly or if you just fancy clip in extensions there is no damage to your hair.

I love finding out about the latest hair products and companies which offer solutions to different hair types and I was made aware of easy to use clip in hair extensions from Pauls Hair World. Clip in extensions are so easy to use and can be  worn when you need them like events and nights out and keep for ages because you don't have to constantly wash, condition and treat them. I have actually been thinking of investing in some clip in extensions because for some reason my hair has decided it will now stop growing, and I would like it to be a little longer than what it is now.

Another item which has been a hit in the hair world are the funky, dip dye hair extensions which match to your own hair and are perfect because a lot of people I know have opted for the dip dye trend which of course then limited them to buying hair extensions. Celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore and Ciara have all jumped on the band wagon, as well as bloggers and trend watchers/enthusiasts.

Hair extensions are constantly on a fine line of looking amazing and tacky so take care when buying extensions and I would suggest invest in a good and trusted brand of fake hair to ensure you are looking more red carpet than road kill. Take care of your extensions and ensure they look healthy and nourished, and invest in a new pair if they start too look like rat tails.

What do you guys think of hair extensions? Would you wear them or do you prefer to go natural?

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  1. Love your hair, it looks so beautiful! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

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  4. I hate it when hairstylists decide to "experiment" on a person's head. WTF Is that suppose to mean, aren't they supposed to chop what you tell them to chop -_-
    Anyway, I've been wanting to try out hair extensions for a long time, but they seem hard to put on O_O

  5. I've never thought of getting hair extensions before, but they look amazing on

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin // Instagram


  6. Wow!!! nice hair dear.... Looking so beautiful.Thanks for this great share hair extensions tips.

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