23 January 2014

Product Review: Area H2O Hard Water Shampoo and Conditioner

FashionFake, Area H2O shampoo review, beauty blog

FashionFake, Area H2O shampoo review, beauty blog

FashionFake, Area H2O shampoo review, beauty blog

FashionFake, Area H2O shampoo review, beauty blog

FashionFake, Area H2O shampoo review, beauty blog

I was one of the lucky first blogger who got to try out the new range of shampoo by Area H2O - a shampoo and conditioner that is designed to react with the type of water you have in your area. I live in Hampshire, and the water in my area is hard - I constantly get annoying little white marks all over my shower door, it's a ridiculous chore and I hate removing them but that's for another topic. Area H2O shampoos were created by biochemists and is designed to cleanse your hair of natural mineral deposits which occur when you wash your hair with hard water. Some of the effects hard water has on your hair are:

  • hair remains dry even after being treated with an intense conditioner; 
  • hair may tangle excessively after you wash it;
  • colour will fade quicker;
  • hair will be damaged, even if you treat it with protein treatments; 
  • styling products may no longer work if you have moved to a hard water area.
My hair has been dry and lifeless for quite some time now, and treatments which worked magically before suddenly had no effect at all. I thought I killed it when I decided to ombre my hair, and the bleach had finally finished my locks. But even after a hair trim, and various treatments - there was no change. I never realised just how much hard water affects hair! 

I started using Area H2O about a week ago, so I've washed my hair about 3/4 times during that week. Oh. My. Jesus. My hair, is unrecognisable. From the first wash, I didn't really notice much of a difference but it was the second and third washes that really showed results. By the fourth wash, I had silky, glossy, weightless hair. I had less flyaways and my hair was super smooth, with the colour radiating through. Sounds like a fairytale, right? Well take it from a girl who thought that I would have to resort to getting a bob - I love bobs, but I'm not ready for one just yet - and this has rescued my locks. I would recommend this shampoo until the cows come home - if you go on the Area H2O website, you can find out what water is like in your area! When I was in Scotland, which has soft water, I loved taking a shower and washing my hair as you can immediately tell the difference. Drinking it was certainly a lot more pleasant than drinking water back home.

So, here is the solution to all my hair problems in two wonderful tubs. I cannot thank Area H2O enough for introducing me to this product because it is truly a miracle product which should be in the bathrooms of every hard water resident. 



  1. oooooh this sounds like exactly what i need!! :)

  2. Very cool indeed. I wrote about the malibu hair treatment for hard water in my post but I am definitely doing a new product review for this one soon. Thanks for sharing this :)


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