1 June 2014

Astral Moisturiser Review

Astral cream review, beauty blog
Astral cream review, beauty blog
Astral cream review, beauty blog
Astral Moisturiser* 50ml £1.29

I was recently contacted to test out Astral Cream, a moisturising cream which is suitable for use on skin all over your body – literally from face to toe, as well as being a multi purpose product for taking off makeup, acting as a primer and even aftersun. Astral Cream is, as I found out, a well known moisturiser amongst the older generation but a lesser popular product amongst the “twenteens” (the age bracket of teenagers and individuals in their twenties) but I’m not so sure that this product should stay an unintentional secret.

Astral Cream is used by celebrities such as Amanda Holden, Jesy from Little Mix, Kate Beckingsale and Sam Faiers of TOWIE, so if names which consistently pop up in the media use this bargain cream, it’s surely good enough for all of us to use? Let’s find out:

The first thing you might pick up about Astral is the scent: it is very reminiscent of something your mum or grandmother used to wear. Not that it’s not nice; in fact it’s almost comforting!
As with any moisturiser, apply this cream onto clean skin – I love using this after a hot shower or bath. I personally really like the consistency of Astral Cream: it’s thick and creamy when you scoop a tiny bit in your hand but once the cream is rubbed in it disperses into a lighter, oilier substance. Depending on where you’re planning on using Astral Cream, you only need a small portion as this moisturiser is so easy to spread so a small tub will last you a long time. I usually use Astral Cream on my face and always before I go to bed, I find that it’s too heavy to wear underneath makeup but moisturises perfectly whilst I sleep. I also occasionally use Astral Cream on dry patches on my body, like arms and legs. This cream is very gentle so it doesn’t irritate the skin or aggravate a rash, for example a heat rash or shaving rash.

I wouldn’t recommend Astral Cream for anyone with oily skin – this is quite a greasy moisturiser so it’s ideal for dry skin, however suitable for anyone to use on their body. I now turn to Astral to be the finale of my heavy duty Sunday night pamper session and am assured to wake up with refreshed, nourished and cared for skin.

For such a bargain multiuse and effective product to be under our noses and not many people use it or even know about it is a real shame. I’d buy a small tub of this and just use it sporadically whenever I really need a good skin boost, and because it's so small it's mega handy to carry around with you!


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