16 June 2014

Summer Dress From Zara.

zara summer dress, zara sliders, fashion blog
zara summer dress, zara sliders, fashion blog
zara summer dress, zara sliders, fashion blog
zara summer dress, zara sliders, fashion blog
dress Zara // sliders Zara // chain necklace Topshop

I realise that I haven't done an outfit post in quite a while so I'm finally very excited to share with you my latest favourite OOTD from my favourite store - Zara! I am slightly obsessed with 99% of the products that come out of Zara and this dress falls under that percentage. 

Friday marked one year since the night that me and Liam met (eeeep!) and I was surprised to come back home to a beautiful delivery of flowers and a mystery box from my favourite store. I know that my boyfriend has great taste when it comes to clothes so I was mega excited to open the box! I found this beautiful Grecian inspired summer dress along with a pair of THE Zara stroppy sandals! Safe to say I wanted to wear the outfit immediately, unfortunately I didn't get to celebrate our 1 year of being together with Liam as he is in Canada right now but I cannot wait for him to get back in AUGUST (can everyone just feel really sorry for me because I don't get to see him for like 3 months?!) 

I've been wearing this outfit non stop because it's so beautiful and summery, and I love how well it balances out the boyishness of the sandals. I don't feel like this outfit needs a lot of jewellery, that's why I've got a statement chain necklace and perhaps I will add a couple of plain gold skinny rings next time I style it. 



  1. The dress looks lovely on you!

    Emma x

  2. Such a beautiful dress. I love the white (I've been really into white clothing lately?), and the rope straps are adorable.

    Hah, yes, we can definitely all feel sorry for you. What part of Canada is in he? I'm going to Alberta for two weeks in August!

    Love the Chanel bags hanging by the way ;)


    Shree | PorcelainShree ✝ Beauty and Lifestyle Blog ✝ |


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