18 June 2014

What To Expect From Beauty Boxes.

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I have decided to write an opinion post on beauty boxes because recently a lot of my friends have been asking me about them and I realised that a lot of people in the UK haven't yet discovered this service. Some people are very intrigued when finding out about beauty boxes, others think it's a waste of money. I will be sharing with you my opinion on the boxes, based from the box I receive and also the boxes you guys share on Twitter and Instagram. Remember, most of this post consists of MY OWN opinion.

Most beauty boxes are a monthly subscription costing around £12 and comprising of 5-6 items in the categories of makeup, skincare, haircare, nails and beauty accessories. A lot of boxes also do themed or one off boxes when a special event like Valentines Day, Christmas and so on come along which adds a little more fun and excitement. I started my subscription with a well known beauty box brand, Glossybox, back in 2012 and have had it ever since. I have been very intrigued to try other boxes, but just haven't had the opportunity yet. There's some elements of the beauty box which I absolutely love, like the element of surprise and never knowing what you're going to get in a box - unless your box is late and you start skimming through your Instagram roll where you are guaranteed to see some sort of spoilers, but we can live with that. I love that Glossybox has introduced me to a lot of new brands, although most of these brands I won't actually be using a lot because they're not easily accessible, more "high end" or "boutique", rather than high street. One thing that most beauty boxes seem to promote is natural and eco/animal friendly products which is a massive plus as I think many of us agree that if we were more educated about cruelty free cosmetics and they were as easy to buy as some of the high street brands who perhaps practice a less nature friendly ethic, we would be spending money helping the environment and stopping animal cruelty. Thankfully, more and more companies are fighting for no animal testing in the beauty industry, but it's still nice to find products who proudly display and make a point of being eco friendly and cruelty free, which happens quite a lot with products in beauty boxes.

One of the negatives, or turn offs that many people agreed on is that sometimes these boxes are simply not worth the money we are paying. I completely get that. Sometimes when a box arrives and you've got brands like Rituals, Monu, Vichy, Nip+Fab and Illamasqua showing up, it all makes the £12 worth it. But when a box arrives with a poxy foundation tester, like the ones you get FREE from a beauty counter, or even better - a perfume tester - and a lipstick from Rimmel and three other high street items which add up to like £7, you're like "Er, what?". Most boxes have got their act together now and don't add too many testers, but rather travel sized options along with some full sized products and the disappointment is less, however for many the damage has been done.

I find beauty boxes really great for topping up my drawers too and actually I haven't bought things like blushers, hair products, eye liner and even moisturiser really in a long time because I always find them in my beauty boxes. It's fantastic because I don't have to worry about running out! However, talking about eye liners reminded me of another point which I'm not sure beauty box admins even listen or read through: your personalised profile. When I tick "natural" in the makeup section, I don't mean blue lipstick and purple eyeliner. Because, you know, I don't naturally have blue lips? I believe people visit the doctor if they do so...yeah, it would be nice to just be listened to a little bit and feel like the box follows your standard and likes, rather than a generic solution. I know sometimes it can't be helped, but when you're working with a beauty brand you could really separate the more out there lipsticks with the more subtle tones and follow customer profiles... A little pet peeve as you might have guessed!

To conclude this post, I'd like to say that I have no intention of quitting the beauty box club yet and for me, it's just a great way to receive monthly products, get a little kick out of the surprise and get a mid month treat. In the pictures above you can see what I received in this months Glossybox and although it may not look like a lot, the contents of this box actually add up to over £50 so I think it's worth the £13 cost of the box (including P&P).
I'd love to hear more of your opinions on beauty boxes so comment away - and thank you to everyone who tweeted me with their opinions!



  1. I totally agree i find that a lot of these beauty boxes arnt even worth the money because you could get the samples for free in department stores


  2. I have never received a beauty box, but I love reading reviews on blogs about them! And I think they're so so pretty! :D Never knew how the whole process happened, so thank you for this info! ^_^

  3. I'm not too fussed about these boxes either and have yet to find one I'd regularly subscribe too. Thanks for your honest review!

    Emma x

  4. Agreed! Really comprehensive what you wrote. I have only tried several boxes, and yea, some are really hit or miss. Settling with just some I really know and love.


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