21 July 2014

Festival Fun with Talolo Boots!

Talolo Boots, cowboy wellies, festival outfit, what to wear to a festival
Talolo Boots, cowboy wellies, festival outfit, what to wear to a festival
Talolo Boots, cowboy wellies, festival outfit, what to wear to a festival
Talolo Boots, cowboy wellies, festival outfit, what to wear to a festival
what i'm wearing: printed kimono Primark // tassel top Primark // shorts Topshop // wellies Talolo Boots* // bag Primark (really old!)

Hey guys! Let me just start this post by telling what I've just done. I've just gone and accidentally deleted the photos from the evening pictured above and these are the only photos I have left since they have uploaded before IDIOT here pressed the button and deleted the whole lot. I'm GUTTED as all my photos with my friends from that whole night are gone - and there were several images which I absolutely loved! Le sigh.... 

Anyway, life goes on. On Saturday I went to a local beer festival which I used to really enjoy when I was younger but this year I think we lasted like an hour, two tops, before we retired. That is after trying the world wonder which is a beetroot cider! It's like really weak beetroot juice/water... Most definitely an quires taste but worth a mention, so give it a go if you're at a local food fest! Also, my couple of hours was enough to fall for me to fall in love with my new wellies from Talolo Boots! 

Wellies have always been a festival staple, no matter if you're at Glasto, Reading, or a small local get together - the weather is England taught us from a young age to carry and umbrella and wear suitable footwear. I remember once I thought it was a good idea to wear mega light canvas shoes to a muddy, wet festival. Nope, it ended with wet and soggy feet and a stroppy Lana.

I was so excited to see the email about Talolo Boots land in my inbox - these cowboy style wellies are not only mega cute but also so comfy and practical! The paisley print on the boots really adds to the festival vibe, and they look amazing worn with skinny jeans, or a dress. I have wondered around quite a lot in them already, and unlike some wellies which can feel heavy and uncomfortable, Talolo wellies make any walk to a tent, or to a nearby shower, amazingly comfortable. 

I'm actually a little excited for some more festival fun in the rain and mud because I don't have to worry about muddy and soggy feet. For more designs, check out @TaloloBoots on Twitter, or on their website and let me know which design is your favourite! 



  1. Hahhaa, you crazy lady! :D Thank God these photos survived, because I freakin love them! You're so pretty and those boots are incredible O_O

  2. these wellies are amazing, so unusual!! love them! :)

  3. Makes a change from everyone wearing Hunter wellies! You rock 'em!

    Beetroot cider - I can't believe I haven't tried this yet - sounds weird yet maybe wonderful??!!

    Mary xx


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