30 October 2014

Bimuno Immunaid Review

Bimuno Immunaid chewable pastels*

I was recently offered to review the Bimuno Immunaid from the chewable pastels Bimuno prebiotics range which help to support your natural defences. It kind of works like most probiotic drinks available in supermarkets but its special formula contains vitamin C and Galacto-oligosaccharides which help encourage the work and development of your guts 'good' bacteria. So this product works in harmony with your immune system and provides an immune system boost.

You should take two of the chewable pastels after breakfast (as suggested, but you can take them any time of day) everyday. I kept to the suggested dose for a month and here is what I found:
I like the chewable tablets as I'm not a fan of swallowing vitamins because I constantly feel like I'm going to choke. So massive thumbs up for that aspect. The tablets aren't bad tasting either, they kind of taste like a very bland jelly. I was doing a lot of exercise and really watching my diet for the month and I think the tablets did help with the overall 'good' feeling, especially as before I couldn't eat breakfast without feeling a little sick and I think Bimuno helped out with that. They're really easy to carry around with you and would come very handy if you were to go to a foreign country where perhaps the food is slightly different to what you're used to and could potentially upset your stomach. I like the fact that Bimuno Immunaid has vitamin C in it - now that we've come up to the colder, darker months we could all use a little vit C to boost our immune system.

I like the tablets and I like that they're easy to purchase either online or in Boots - which is where I would buy mine. If you're starting a health kick and generally want to boost the way you feel, as well as help your stomach with digestion give these a go (she says as she puts a picture of a pizza at the end of the post). I've actually got a pack in my bag that I carry around just in case (you can see the corners of my pack battered around from it being in my bag all the time!)


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