27 May 2015

Be Confident And Go To Events On Your Own

At Scarlett London's Blogger Bash with the lovely Debbie from Hello Deborah and Nicole from Nicole Coltman

One of the great things about being a blogger is networking and meeting new people, especially fellow bloggers, through events. I have been blogging for 3 years now and have been to a few events, so I know how scary it can be attending a PR show or a blogger bash on your own. I also know, a lot of bloggers get put off because they don't know anyone who's going and end up rejecting the invite - but please don't! Never let the fear of attending events on your own scare you to the point where you don't go - I used to let it and now I think about all the wonderful events I could have gone to if I wasn't worried about being alone.

I have finally, after 3 years, got confident enough to not even think twice about attending an event for fear of loneliness and if I can do it, with an anxiety and panic disorder, trust me you can too! I have compiled a few tips and hints on how to cheat or even completely overcome the fear of going to events on your own, you have to try this and tell me if it helps!

  • Evaluate how much you want to go to the event. Sometimes you'll start making excuses because deep down you just can't be bothered or you want to do something else on that day - ask yourself if you really want to go to this event, and if the answer is yes then read on. 
  • Use the event hashtag. Most of the time when you get invited to an event there will be a hashtag - follow it to see who else is going and you may find that you know someone. Make sure you also tweet and specifically ask if anyone from your Twitter friends is attending - this is a great way to find out what kind of people will be at the event. 
  • Meet up with other bloggers before the event. I recently went to a blogger bash arranged by Scarlett London and I didn't know anyone who was going in real life, but I knew there would be bloggers that I knew from online. I used the hashtag to see if anyone wanted to meet up before the event and go together in a big group, so it's less scary walking in. I met some lovely girlies some who I already knew from Twitter and some who I have met through using the hashtag - we met near the venue, had a quick catch up chat and headed on over! It definitely gave me more confidence at the event knowing I was with a group of lovely girls and we participated in lots of fun activities - the whole event was great! (check out their awesome blogs: Hayley from The Glasgow Girl; Debbie from Hello Deborah; Nicole from Nicole Coltman and Sophie from Darling Sophie
  • Know that you can and will find someone at the event who you can talk to. I went to a press event which I was super excited about, but I was going alone and literally didn't know anyone who I thought I could latch on to - but when I got there, within the space of 15 minutes I met a lovely blogger who I spend hours talking to (you can check out Plamena's blog on Fashion Thrill). At a different event, I also bumped into superbabe Ally from Ally in Blunderland who I wanted to meet for ages and although we spent only minutes chatting, we promised to meet up properly soon. You never know who you're going to bump into at an event, and sometimes going on your own is even better as you can float between people. 
  • Take your friend/boyfriend on a road trip. If you're travelling somewhere for the event, why not make a day of it and invite your friend or boyfriend along? Granted it's not all the time you'll get a plus one but I often take Liam with me, whilst I'm at the event he chills out in a coffee shop or goes shopping and after I'm done we spend the day doing fun stuff together. It will help put your mind at ease during the journey so when you arrive at the event you'll be calm and relaxed. 
  • Easier said that done, but stop caring what people think. I know that's probably one of the biggest concerns - what will people think of me, will I look sad if I'm alone, will people like me and talk to me, etc. 99% of the time you're at an event to document for your blog so even if you're alone and concentrated on what you're doing no one will judge you. And if they do, they suck and don't deserve to be a part of a warm and welcoming community. 
I hope that these tips help you go to events if you're not 100% confident - I definitely suggest linking up with other bloggers because a lot of them will be in the same boat as you and you will have lots of fun with people who understand blogging! Also, make sure that you link up with PRs and brands who are at the event - take this as a serious networking opportunity which will be very good for you blog.

Do you have any tips or things that you do to help you feel less nervous about an event? Share them with us and comment below! 



  1. I used to hate going to events on my own i would always want to go with someone but now i dont mind im honestly happy to go alone its great


    1. I always find you end up meeting so many people at events, it's scary to begin with but always ends up being amazing!


  2. I'm way too shy to go to events all by myself, even bars are a though one. I guess the biggest problem is that I have no idea what to say to people and that I'm afraid I won't find anyone to talk to. Oh, the amount of confidence.. :D I sometimes have anxiety too, but thankfully that hasn't happened in guite a long time now. :)

    1. I get anxiety too, it took me a very long time to get the confidence to go to places on my own as I'd have a panic attack if no one I knew was around me. But, slowly and steadily I managed to get better and although it still creeps up on me I just try to think of how amazing the event will be and battle the panic with little things which calm me down, like a quick phone call to a friend.


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