10 June 2015

Fathers Day 2015 Gift Guide

Ideas on what to get for Fathers Day 2015, FashionFake, lifestyle bloggers

With Fathers Day being just around the corner, June 21st if you're forgetting, I decided to bring you the best gifts for your dad on a budget. Mothers Day is a lot more important to me as I grew up without a dad so I never really celebrated Fathers Day unless it was being around my friends house for a BBQ - but now it's more of a novelty in our household when Harvey gives Liam a card and something small because Liam is his 'daddy' (crazy dog lady, I know!) and we have a little BBQ of our own just to enjoy the summers day.
Saying that, I know friends who absolutely love this day and it's a way for them to celebrate that father figure in their lives which is why I thought of combining the two ideals and bring you a handy, but saver savvy, gift guide.

Ideas on what to get for Fathers Day 2015, FashionFake, lifestyle bloggers

Let's start of with a gift that even I would love to receive: food. Sauces are a brilliant gift because they last for ages and there is a huge variety of sauces to choose from! Prices can vary depending on where you go - you can choose to buy a gourmet sauce from a village deli which will probably cost you around £5, or pop to your local supermarket and see what's in store for around £1/£2. I chose Franks Red Hot Xtra Hot Sauce because both Liam and I love spicy food and Franks is just amazing to put over anything (my favourite is with chicken wings). We haven't tried the Xtra Hot version before so I'm looking forward to our sunny BBQ! Talking of BBQ's, I found this amazing marinade from Tesco Finest which is flavoured with Kentucky bourbon - this will be perfect for slow cooked meat or BBQ ribs.

Ideas on what to get for Fathers Day 2015, FashionFake, lifestyle bloggers

I am a huge fan of Nip+Fab and I was so excited to hear that there is a skincare range for men. A couple of months ago, I bought Liam some skincare products which he absolutely loved - he is very good in his grooming routine, but I think we can all guide our manly men towards something a little more targeted, like using moisturiser for the face on your face, instead of slathering body butter all over. You can also suggest skincare based on the mans daily routine and lifestyle: anti ageing, soothing, bear oils, energising, purifying... The list goes on and I will be impressed by any man who can sit there and decide which skincare product is best for his skin, rather than picking up the first and most attractive item. Nip+Man Turbo Face Wash contains black quinoa which boosts moisture, and caffeine which brightens skin this is the perfect fix for tired skin. The After-Shave Power Lotion has a great cooling effect which is ideal for men who shave everyday as it soothes razor burns and keeps the skin calm and irritation free. The Daily Power Moisturiser contains caffeine which brightens and revitalises the skin and jojoba oil which moisturises - excellent for giving the skin a healthy looking energy boost. This range is ideal for a busy man who works hard, plays hard but still wants to keep his youthful looks.

There's an explorer on all of us, and this book is a fantastic read. I know so many people who watched the programme and got inspired by the sights and adventures but I think books are always more descriptive and you can really get lost in a world you haven't seen before. I'll admit half of me was watching the programme for the eye candy, the other half for the adventures - but with a book you can imagine yourself going through beautiful cities and lonely desserts. I would recommend a book as a present any day, and this one is perfect for someone who loves adventure and has major wonderlust.

Ideas on what to get for Fathers Day 2015, FashionFake, lifestyle bloggers

Now this is a present anyone will enjoy! Drinkers and non drinkers who may prefer squash or a glass of pop will appreciate it as much as those who enjoy a beer or two - Das Horn. Describes as a "timeless relic" on the website, this is a modern variation on the traditional drinking horn which will no doubt make anyone feel like a viking or conqueror raising a glass with this nontraditional glass. It also has a strap around it so you can hang it from your neck and ensure your drink is always with you! It also comes with a stand so you can proudly display it on your fireplace or in your kitchen, as you please. I love this idea, I think it's wonderful gift for Fathers Day and I can't wait to see what Liam thinks of it! Unless I steal it first...

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide - what are you giving your dad on Father Day? Do you splurge or keep gifts inexpensive and funny? Comment below!

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