29 June 2015

Honeybun Wedding

Wedding dress with bridesmaids dresses - rustic wedding inspiration

On June 27th 2015, I had the honour to be a bridesmaid for my best friend Lou who got married at Combe Manor barn, Berkshire to John Honeybun. I really wanted to post about this day because it was by far the most beautiful wedding I have ever been too - from the venue to the atmosphere it was simply unbeatable.
Lou started planning this wedding a year ago and her three bridesmaids Mickey, Harriet and I had the pleasure to be involved in her journey which is amazing because she is the first one of our friend group to get married, so all experiences were new. The chosen venue was Combe Manor in Berkshire which was a beautiful rustic barn - exactly what the couple wanted - and picturesque views, especially on a sunny summer day! I was stunned by the venue and the hospitality of the hosts who were always on hand if you needed anything.

Combe Manor, Berkshire
Combe Manor, Berkshire

I created a shared Pinterest board when we first found out about being bridesmaids so all four of us could pin suggestions and inspirations for the wedding - it has lots of great ideas for a summer country style wedding so check it out if you're planning one yourself! I loved the simple yet effective decor at the Honeybun wedding - little plant pots replaced traditional candle holders, gypsophila (Baby's Breath) bouquets and clusters were strategically placed by the florist around the venue, and homemade bunting brought colour and festival energy to the rooms.

I never knew how effective old bottles could be when used as vases - Lou and John collected bottles from spirits like Jack Daniels and intriguing wine bottles to then use as vases on the tables for dinner, and it really worked! For ages I didn't even realise it was their collected booze bottles that were gracing the head table until I saw an inscription of the spirit name on one.

Wedding decorations - rustic style
Wedding decorations - rustic style, Combe Manor
Summer Wedding decorations - rustic style, Combe Manor
Summer Wedding decorations - rustic style, Combe Manor

The ceremony itself was amazing - not because anything incredible was planned, but because you could see just how in love two people were, and it was so emotional to share that day with them! Harriet and I cried several times during the day at this point, especially when we read our reading for the first time. It felt really good to see our two friends so happy - and I don't really get emotional at weddings, usually because they're never as personal as this one. You can see some beautiful preview pictures of the ceremony and the bride and groom on the Angela Ward Brown Photography website who was the official photographer for the wedding.

Summer Wedding decorations - rustic style, Combe Manor
Summer Wedding decorations - rustic style, Combe Manor

The brides mother walked Lou down the isle. She also helped her get ready for the big day and ensured the dress looked just how Lou wanted it - after all, she was the designer behind this unique and beautiful piece. Her dress was the palest of pink colours with floaty sleeves and a lace chest, covering the sweetheart cut of the dress. She wore a custom made floral crown with real flowers - it looked incredible with a teased out up do.
We picked our bridesmaids dresses which was not easy: all three of us are completely different in body shape and skin tone, which is why Lou gave us each a colour which matched her bouquet and then we picked our own styles. It worked incredibly well when put all together because our colours matched the scheme and all had subtle similarities which pulled the style together. I wore a Debenhams number with a Primark floral headband and New Look sandals.

Combe Manor wedding
Wedding dress - Combe Manor wedding
Bridesmaids - Combe Manor wedding
Bridesmaids style - Combe Manor wedding

After the ceremony, everyone got to chill and socialise whilst we waited for dinner - with a rustic wooden bar called The Coop after their dog Cooper, drinks flowed all day and night. The hog was roasting, everyone was chatting, the sun beamed down - there's not a lot more you could wish for on a day like this! So we took the opportunity to do a little photo sesh by the barn. 

Rustic wedding in Combe Manor, Berkshire
Rustic wedding in Combe Manor, Berkshire

Now let's just take a moment to talk about the food - food at weddings is so hit and miss, sometimes it's amazing and other times it's honestly just like a dry buffet of slop. Lou and John hired a hog roast company and the smells of delicious pork was filling the garden from the morning so I was really excited to get stuck in. Food on offer consisted of mouthwatering pork, the most perfect crackling ever, stuffing, a selection of cold salads, breads and sauces/chutneys. The food was... incredible. I even went up for seconds! Pork was all you could ever want: melt in your mouth and full off flavour, and the crackling was crunchy but not tough and not chewy. 
Desserts arrived shortly after dinner and there was a selection of trifle, chocolate cake and strawberries and cream, which were also very delicious. For the final indulgence of the night, we were offered a cheese board with a selection of blue, cheddar, Red Leicester, brie amongst other cheeses, with a selection of chutneys and biscuits. 

Wedding food hog roast
Wedding food dessert trifle

Post dinner, drinks flowed and the dance floor lit up - cheesy classics, chart hits and some more personal selections made everyone get up and have a boogie.

The day was so incredible and everyone had such an amazing time - massive thank you to John and Lou Honeybun for organising such a beautiful day! It was the best feeling ever to celebrate such a wonderful occasion with all of my best friends, on a perfect summers day.

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  1. Oh my goodness what an absolutely beautiful wedding venue! You all look stunning!
    Wish I had a wedding to go to this year!
    Rosie x


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