26 June 2015

How To Feel Better When You're Feeling Down

  1. Take an hour to have a hot bath. Honestly, the first thing I want to do when I've had a rough day or if I feel upset or angry is get in a hot bath - it's almost like I want to wash away all the bad and negative feelings. I drop in a Lush bath bomb, set up my laptop so I can watch Once Upon a Time and scrub my worries away (sugar scrubs are my favourite as they smell delicious and are amazing at making your skin feel soft!).  I do tend to spend an hour detoxing my mind in a serene and warm environment, and when I get out I honestly feel 10x better. Try it today and let me know I'm not the only bath freak?! 
  2. Eat some comfort food. Yes you're detoxing, yes we're all trying to eat healthy and it's amazing - but when you feel like all you want to do is cry and eat Ben&Jerry's, get your spoon out and do exactly that. You're allowed to give yourself enjoyment when you're feeling down so don't worry about ruining your detox for one day if it helps you feel more positive in the long run! I'm currently loving Tesco's Extra Special Salted Caramel Ice Cream and a large Dominos Pizza.
  3. Put yourself first. I cannot stress the importance of looking after number one because guess what? Most of the time it's you who's gotta look after you - if you don't then you're likely to get run down to the ground which probably contributes to feeling like poop. Recently I have let myself be controlled by a huge amount of work, social responsibility of doing what others want and completely ran myself down not only emotionally but also physically. I might sound like a total bitch but guess what? I've been feeling a hell of a lot better since I thought about what I want to do and learnt how to say 'No'. 
  4. Get cosy. Grab your favourite film, be it a romcom or a gruesome horror (my current top pick is The Conjuring - it's just too good!), get a set of fairy lights and twist them around your curtain pole or TV stand, grab your duvet, put on your favourite PJs and settle down for an evening of cosy downtime. Necessities include: constant supply of warm tea, favourites snacks like Doritos and extra hot dip, cuddle buddy (be it your SO, BFF, furry pal or a pillow). 
  5. Cry. Honestly just let it all out. Bottling up feelings and emotions is not healthy - I would know, I never cry or show people how I feel until I have an absolute breakdown and start crying and screaming how much I hate everyone and how much I am just plain leaving (yup, that happened) but I have learnt to just come home and cry if I have to. I feel so much better and then I can just wipe away the tears and get on with whatever I have to get on with. 
  6. Stop comparing yourself to others. This is probably one of the top reasons why people feel like crap about themselves - because we start comparing ourselves to others. Bottom line, we're all different and we're all amazing at different things - be it maths, photography, writing, organizing. No one is better than anyone else - that's not the way it works. Trust me, once you're cool with that fact you'll save yourself so many tubs of Ben&Jerrys. 
Remind yourself that there's good things in even bad days - like the excuse to spend hours in the bath, or to make a den in my living room. 
What are your top tips on cheering yourself up? Share them with me by commenting below!

My favourite items to help me unwind:



  1. I've struggled a bit lately, and some of the things you've mentioned here really do help. I need to learn not to compare myself with others, and just be happy with being me. I feel that once I can overcome that, I'll be happier. Taking a bubble bath is one of my favourite things to do to unwind and forget about the day. x

    1. I think a lot of people get down because of comparison to others, and it's hard because I always do it. But then I try and snap out of it by thinking about all the things that I have done and feel positive about them :)


  2. Lovely post and definitely something i needed to read right now. Been feeling down for a little while now and I try some these ideas.

    Thanks for sharing :)



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