30 September 2015

:Diablo Confectionary - All Of The Taste, But None Of The Guilt

Diablo sugarfree review, FashionFake, lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers
Diablo sugarfree review, FashionFake, lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers

A couple of months ago, I first discovered :Diablo in Waitrose - sugar free chocolate was all the rage in my head as I am trying to cut out sugar from my everyday diet but sometimes when that craving for chocolate hits, I just cave in! So I was very excited to work with :Diablo on a post where I can tell you all about their products which contain no added sugar. 

In my personal opinion, I think there are huge amounts of people who just do not care about their diet and eat whatever is the tastiest/easiest option for them. And that's really not good because sooner or later it will catch up with you. Yes maybe you can eat a McDonalds every 2 days and not put on any weight, but it's still clogging up your arteries. Yes, you love a chocolate bar and a bag of Haribo sweets on a daily basis - but what you don't realise is the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes creeping up behind that sickly sweet taste, not to mention tooth decay. It's great to treat yourself with a takeaway (my weakness lies in pizza...) or a cookie once in a while, but I don't make it an every day habit because of the long term health problems it can bring. 

:Diablo is the UK's first ever low-sugar and diabetes sensitive confectionary range. It has absolutely no added sugar, but the flavour has been kept the same as any other chocolate/wafer/cookie! I adore their chocolate chip cookies which have 0% sugar in them but taste incredible - especially if dunked in a cuppa! 

Diablo sugarfree review, FashionFake, lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers
Diablo sugarfree review, FashionFake, lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers

In the mornings, I take a :Diablo muesli bar with me which I can either eat during my commute, or in the office along with some fruit and a detox tea. The bars provide fibre and vitamins in my diet, but keep the calories and sugars low - perfect start to the day.
One thing that really attracts me to the :Diablo confectionary is that their products aren't sickly sweet which is a reason as to why a lot of the times I would rather go for savoury rather than sweet snacks - I hate it when you eat a cookie or wafer and it's actually making you want to drink the sickly sweet taste away!

Diablo sugarfree review, FashionFake, lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers

I was really intrigued to see what the :Diablo hazelnut chocolate spread would be like - everyone loves the brand favourite hazelnut chocolate spread, but how will this match up? Again, I loved how it tasted because it was just sweet enough with the hazelnut flavour coming through. With only 2.61g of sugar per 30g, it's not as bad as most other branded chocolate spreads. Unless you start dunking your chocolate wafers into the spread - which I have thought about but had to stop myself!  The wafers are delicious - I grab one when I'm feeling a sweet tooth coming on, or with a cup of tea. These are excellent snacks for guests too!

Diablo sugarfree review, FashionFake, lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers

I really enjoy :Diablo products because in the back of your mind you know you are still saving on your daily sugar intake - which is the end goal, to reduce the intake of sugar you have. Not all of their products are 'sugar free', most have very reduced percentages of sugar. Plus it's all about being responsible with your food and not going over the top with what you eat. Have a wafer once in a while, or  a muesli bar when you're running late. I would always advise you to try and eat natural and non processed foods anyway, but on days when you just don't have time to make things yourself then a healthy option snack is the perfect way to go.

What do you think of :Diablo products? Will this help you cut down on sugar in your every day diet?


  1. Although I'm not one for healthy living I really enjoyed this post. I adore your review, be it food or fashion, or makeup! I rarely eat sweets, maybe I haven't made my brain addicted yet :D I just don't enjoy chocolate that much, on the other hand I loooove me some chips and burgers and pizza!
    Btw, is that a smiley face in front of the logo of Diablo, or is it just a coincidence? :D

    1. Awh thank you my lovely! So glad to hear you like the posts :)
      Me too - I'm more of a savoury girl who simply cannot control herself especially if there is a burger or pizza involved! But these goodies were really nice in the sense that they weren't too sweet - just enough.
      So I was thinking that today too and I think it's supposed to be like a little cheeky smiley face! How great is that?! xx

  2. oh my! mouthwatering while reading this post. these products look way too good!
    tho what about flour? are the cookies gluten free? as not only the sugar i'm trying to cut off, but also the flour.
    i'm such a badass when it comes to sweets. so is my boy! sadly we don't have Diablo in Lithuania, tho I will still go for a hunt, as it looks like a must!
    and what about prices? sorry for so many questions :) I'm just really into healthier living, and I practically I can say that looking after diet is super important!!!
    thanks for sharing this!
    Vaida @ www.donttellanyone.net/blog

  3. My mouth is watering over this post! That is amazing that it has no sugar in it, I need to add some of these to my snack draw at work to help cure my sugar craving x


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