28 November 2015

Laurens Way Dream Rollers Review

Laurens Way Dream Rollers Review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake
Laurens Way Dream Rollers Review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake

When I first heard about Laurens Way Dream Rollers, I nearly fell off my chair – rollers that can give you volume and waves, which you can actually sleep in? That has got to be the best idea and hopefully execution to happen to anyone who wants the TOWIE locks & volume. I absolutely adore long, voluminous locks and I have regular rollers that I use but the problem is I don’t usually have a lot of time to keep them in. And once, I tried to sleep in them – it was the most uncomfortable thing ever as I woke up with a neck and head ache, my hair was tangled…it was just awful.

I was really excited to try out my Laurens Way Dream Rollers – they look super cute and fluffy, which just adds to the whole experience of your girly, pamper night. I believe in those – honestly I think it’s a basic right to have at least one night of the week during which you are left to pamper yourself with a nice hot Lush bath, do your hair all nice, have a face mask, exfoliate your whole body, and lather on the moisturiser. Ooooh – don’t forget to paint your nail and toes! Anyway, back on the subject – I tested out Laurens Way Dream Rollers on a Sunday night, for my hair to be ready for when I wake up at 6am on a Monday morning (I know, what is life when you have to get up so early?!). I washed my hair as usual, applied some leave in smoothing products and some oil to the ends, and blow-dried. Then came the exciting part: putting the rollers in.

I start fixing the rollers in my hair from the bottom, dividing equal parts of my hair from around my head. I secure the hair I’m not using with a grip, and brush the hair I’m about to style. Roll the rollers in from underneath the hair – that way you will gain more volume. Make sure you’re not rolling too much hair into one roller, as they will not hold – or you can use grips, but these may sometimes leave kinks and creases. Make your way around all of the hair on your head, and secure with a little hair spray.

I was up for about an hour before going to bed with the rollers in and they held pretty well. Once I was in bed and my head hit the pillow, I have to admit I wasn’t very comfortable. The rollers did start to collapse down, as they’re made with foam, so in a couple of minutes of laying down I started to get used to the feeling.

In the morning, I took the rollers out – which was super easy as my hair didn’t tangle, like it usually does with rollers. I was disturbed a couple of times through the night because I moved and got a bit freaked out as I wasn’t used to the rollers being on my head – but nothing I can’t see myself getting used to. My hair was wavy with added volume – just what I wanted out of my test!

The end result was great – Laurens Way Dream Rollers deliver exactly what they promise: the ability to sleep in with your rollers and wake up with styled hair! This product will be staying on my dressing table because it’s a hair saver during the week when you can’t be bothered to spend hours on styling.

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What is your mid week hair saver tip? Share it in the comments below!

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