19 November 2015

LighterLife Fast 5:2 Diet review diary - Week Two

If you read last Thursdays post you will know I have embarked on a weight loss adventure with LighterLife Fast – it is now my second week out of the six week blogger challenge to look amazeballs in my little party dress.
This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster – I cannot even imagine how many calories I consumed on Friday night when I thought it was a great idea to drink a bottle of wine to myself, followed by Sunday when I had double helpings of a huge roast lamb dinner. I regret nothing – because it tasted incredible. But it has already made me think about the amount I eat and drink (wine, why do you do this to me every time?!) – on weekends, I indulge in a massive calorie fest which is fine to do now and again, but every weekend? Surely that’s the reason I’ve gone up a dress size this year.

The beginning of the week was hard – I started Monday and Tuesday with a fast, when all I wanted was roast leftovers and hot chocolate. I figured Monday is bad enough, so why not add in a fast to it and then the weekend is all for indulging a little? The thing is, it’s actually pretty hard to find time to do a fast because if you’re a social person who’s out and about you don’t actually realise how much you snack and eat out. Cosy weekends in would be the perfect opportunity to practice fasting, but then what about your pizza / curry friends who you just cannot live without?!
Monday was especially hard – I was starving, managed to get away from butter croissants in the morning, sweets throughout the day but what got me was dinner. Liam had leftovers from our Sunday roast which was Harissa lamb and seasonal veg, he kindly walked past me with an overflowing plate which had 5 Yorkshire Puddings on it (!!!) and left me in the kitchen with a sad bowl of curry which amounted to probably 2 spoonfulls. I added in cayenne pepper for that extra kick – I just can’t have a non-rodoculously spicy curry – and carried on.
Alas, I have to confess my dearest friends – that SOB who was taunting me with a plate of food left a piece of lamb on his plate, and after a long time of debating (a whole 5 seconds) I ate it. There, the truth is now out there. In reality, I had one bite from the lamb piece so it couldn’t have contained more than like 50 calories?

I carried on the fast through Tuesday because like I mentioned sometimes it’s hard to fast around the end of the week with social gatherings and comforting junk food. This is going against my diet plan a little, but I will rectify back to the routine next week when life’s a bit more settled. It was OK to do this two days in a row – I think you kind of face the fact that you’re not going to have ‘real’ food today so you just give in. In fact, it was kind of funny eating my ‘space food’ as my colleagues call it! It is astonishing how little actually fills you up when you’re on LighterLife Fast diet.

On Wednesday I finally ate ‘normal’ food. Surprisingly, I wasn’t craving pizza and burgers – I was craving cucumber (whaat!!) and light snacks. I think my body was craving flavour above all, but there wasn’t any need to stuff myself.
At lunch, I indulged my craving for cucumber and had Ryvita with cream cheese and cucumber slices, and also a Twix.  For dinner, I made the most delicious aubergine curry – it was packed with flavour, spice but was quite a light meal itself. I did have some naan bread with it, which obviously gave me the comforting carbs – I just had to mop up all the sauce from the scrumptious curry!
One thing I noticed is that I didn’t snack anywhere near as much as I usually do because I was only eating during set times – I didn’t eat when I was bored.

I’m excited to see where this diet takes me as already in just over two weeks I am seeing my eating habits change for the better. I have weighed myself at the beginning of this challenge and am hoping to see a drop in that figure by the end of my final week!

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