13 January 2016

LighterLife Fast 5:2 Diet review diary - Results

LighterLife 5:2 diet results, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog

A little while ago, LighterLife Fast challenged me to a six week 5:2 diet plan to see if I can reach results in a short time. When I agreed, I knew very little about the 5:2 diet which is basically a diet during which you eat normally but healthily for 5 days a week, and fast on 500 calories for 2 days a week. LighterLife Fast provide meals, snacks and shakes to help you during the fasting days - you can read my introduction to LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet in my first post of the series.

I was very intrigued by the 5:2 diet as I am rubbish at keeping diets, mainly because I don't have the 24hr self control when it comes to pizza and burgers! But I am keen to find a way to keep myself in shape and I thought if I could eat normally but more healthy for 5 days a week, I can allow myself a burger or a pizza at the weekend, and then I detox my body with a fast for 2 days. It sounds like a dream diet, but does the 5:2 diet work?

LighterLife 5:2 diet results, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog
LighterLife 5:2 diet results, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog

To me, the LighterLife Fast diet has changed the way I look at what I'm eating. And I'm going to be 100% honest with you guys, as I always am with my review. I started with a food diary where I documented what I ate and how much - this is a great way to keep your potion sizes and snacking under control. Not that anyone has to see it, but once you realise how much you actually eat throughout the day (and the majority of this will be snacks like chocolates, a biscuit here and there, a packet of crisps...) - it was great, whilst it lasted. Because my schedule is so busy, I couldn't keep up with the food diary and when I sat down at the end of the day I simply couldn't remember what I had put into my mouth throughout the day. So whilst this is a brilliant tool to help you keep an eye on what you eat, it's also quite hard to maintain if you're mostly on the go.

At first, I found the concept of fasting easy - it became harder to fast towards the end of the diet but I think I know why. I eat quite big portions, which is why I struggled with my planned LighterLife  Fast meals - they are literally a couple of spoonfulls. But if you switch a table spoon for a tea spoon, you can make it last longer and it is actually pretty filling!
I actually loved the shakes as a morning meal because you can take them on your commute to work and they are super tasty. One thing you do have to do is keep up your water intake on your fasting days - drink 8 glasses of water minimum. Water, not sugary juice!

LighterLife 5:2 diet results, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog
LighterLife 5:2 diet results, does the 5 2 diet work, lifestyle bloggers, FashionFake blog

Ok, now lets talk results: does the 5:2 diet really work? Yes, yes it does indeed. All in all during my 6 week challenge, I lost 5 kg in total. As far as the diet goes, loosing nearly 1kg per week is fantastic! Of course, I also did a mini workout for 30 min twice a week (it should have been more, but life) which helped a lot, and I also started watching what I eat on normal days and only ate when I was hungry, rather than when I was bored. I'm really impressed with the results of this diet, and how easy it is to keep it up because you're technically only dieting for 2 days a week! It also helps to keep a healthy mind and meditate to focus on your end goals - sit in a quiet room, put on some meditation music (I find all of mine on YouTube) and think about what you want to achieve.

The most important thing I took away from this experience is the relationship I have with food - and the control over my weight. It has taught me that I have to eat for the nutrients and to sustain myself, not out of boredom or because 'it's there'. I felt better after my fasting days, both physically and mentally - I didn't fast on days when I knew I was going to have a hectic or stressful day as sometimes you need comfort food during bad days. the 5:2 diet is more of a lifestyle for me, and I will be carrying on with the diet for a little while until I reach my desired weight. But for now, lighter and brighter I'm happy with the weight I lost, I feel better already and I wanted to say thank you to LighterLife fast for sending me a gorgeous, waist hugging dress in which I feel confident!

If you're a crap dieter like me, try the 5:2 diet - it's a great way to loose the extra pounds and stay in shape. The meals are great in general as you can have them on your normal days too, I often carry the toffee bars in my bag as a snack or have the porridge for breakfast on a non fasting day! You have to be committed and don't cheat because what's the point in that?!

Have you tried 5:2 dieting before? How did you find it? If not, do you think this is a diet you could keep up?

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