18 April 2016

Mid Season Dressing

what i'm wearing: coat Primark // jeans Topshop // scarf Dalry Rose // bag* George at ASDA // shoes Primark // hat Major Wear

Spring can be such a tricky month for fashion - although everyone gets excited about getting their summer clothes ready, we still cling on to Winter essentials like our jackets, boots and warm accessories. April in itself is a month of ridiculous weather - at the weekend, the weather in one part of Hampshire was beautiful but 40 minutes down the road there was snow and ice?! Yeah, try and get ready for that!

The important rule for mid season dressing is to layer - choose the 'groundbreaking' florals for Spring, but keep a cool camel jacket on hand for when the wind picks up; go for a pop of colour in your outfit to bring it up to season, if you're wearing all muted colours; pick soft fabrics which are warm, yet light.

I love a good jeans and t-shirt combo, but I always accessorise my day to day casual look with statement scarves, jewellery or hats. The scarf I wore with this outfit is an authentic Russian scarf which is one of a few I will be selling in my online boutique, Dalry Rose. Keep you eyes peeled for the launch announcement!



  1. Such a gorgeous look! So casual and beautiful.
    The shots are so stunning too! x

  2. Really cute look! I definitely struggle to dress during Spring as the weather doesn't no what it's doing! Loving the scarf and hat!


  3. I love this outfit Lana and you've definitely got the whole 'in between weather' dressing perfect with this combination :) Completely agree about layering; scarves are so important this time of year!
    Love Holly x


  4. What a very cute scarf. Loving your outfit shots too! xxx


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