27 June 2016

Collection: Everyday Essentials On A Budget

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation review, beauty bloggers, beauty blog UK

Being wary of the foundation we use is built into us - how many of you have found one foundation that just works, and nothing has ever matched up to it, so for years you stock up on this one particular foundation and refuse to try anything new? I fall under that category of people.
For years I have been very loyal to my foundation, until I started delving more into the world of beauty blogging and eventually got a catalogue of samples to test out - this is when I ditched my 'the one' foundation. But I have stumbled upon one product in particular, that shocked me in every single way: price point, quality and effect on skin.

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation is a high street product which you can find in Boots and Superdrug, with the price tag of £3.99 - that's right, cheaper than lunch from Pret! Honestly, for a foundation that costs less than £10, I didn't have high expectations - how very snobby of me. But I did completely learn to never judge a book by its cover once I tested the foundation for it's coverage, longevity, and effect on skin.

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation review, beauty bloggers, beauty blog UK

The Illuminating Touch foundation applies evenly onto skin - I use makeup brushes to apply my foundation every morning - and creates a natural, yet substantial coverage with a radiant glow. I finish the base with a touch of powder, and the foundation lasts me for the whole day (from 7am to 7pm) which to me is a great results.

I also admit, there has been one or two instances when I fell asleep with the foundation on (Making A Murderer marathon until 5am for example!) - and this is awful for skin, I would never tell anyone it's OK to do that. But it happens. Compared to some other foundations, Illuminating Touch didn't have the worst effect on my skin - granted and expected, I woke up with a couple of pimples rather than the usual outbreak I get if god forbid I forget to do a proper cleanse the night before.

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation review, beauty bloggers, beauty blog UK

I team my foundation with the Collection #BlushAndGlow blush palette - it includes two shades of blush, a highlighter and a bronzer: everything you could ever need. I start by contouring my face with the bronzer, then a dab of blush on the apples of my cheek, and finish with the highlighter dabbed on the arches of my brows.

These two products from Collection have become my daily essentials - and for such a bargain price, it's difficult to argue results vs the investment.



  1. I really likes the combo and surely going to try this. One more thing I would love to add in everyday essential is organic body wipes. Which help me to remove makeup and keep my skin clear. BTW thanks for sharing :-)

  2. collection is such an underrated brand, their products are amazing!


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