23 January 2017

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes - Fast!

No Dark Shadows concealer review, how to hide dark shadows under eyes, beauty blog UK

We've all had those nights that never seem to end: whether it's working to a deadline on a project and staying late in the office; or going out for 'one' cocktail on Thursday, that turns into The Hangover; or travelling late into the night to be ready for an event in the morning. These late nights cause dark circles under your eyes, but let's be honest even if we got enough ZZZ's through the night there are many more factors which contribute to dark circles under the eyes - for example too much time in front of a computer or your phone, stress, jet lag.
So how can we get rid of dark circles under the eyes - quickly?

No Dark Shadows concealer review, how to hide dark shadows under eyes, beauty blog UK
No Dark Shadows concealer review, how to hide dark shadows under eyes, beauty blog UK

Of course, the quickest way to help reduce dark circles under the eyes is to cover them up with concealer. I have trialled many concealers as a beauty blogger and have come across winners and losers - some concealers are simply too thin to cover up signs of a late night! There is a cult concealer which I have blogged about years ago that scores a 10/10 and is always in my makeup drawer, but today I am working with Know Cosmetics to review their No Dark Shadows complexion enhancer*.

Know Cosmetics are a US brand with a range of products developed to help solve everyday makeup challenges, and with a small yet effective range, they are making their way into the UK market. Their range is currently available to buy at Oliver Bonas and Superdrug.
No Dark Shadows is a waterproof complexion enhancer (perfect for those of us who get overly emotional watching dog videos on Facebook) and is designed to conceal imperfections and dark circles under the eyes. It is available in only two shades, which are universal - WOW (rosy tone) and Pizazz (yellow tone). I can only report on WOW and how it blended with my pale skin. The concealer promises to enhance your complexion for up to six hours - good shout, but what about those of us who work 8+ hours?! Will I have to reapply? It's an inconvenience to reapply makeup in the office - what if the day is stacked with meetings? Or you're on a trip out at the weekend?

Let's get to the review: I really liked that the concealer was of a thicker consistency, not watery, which immediately put my mind at rest that it will actually cover dark circles and blemishes. The easy-to-apply-with brush is reminiscent of Touche Eclat by YSL, it's perfect for dabbing on blemishes and colouring in dark circles. Simply use over foundation and blend in with a brush, or I tend to use my fingers when dealing with concealer as it covers up better (I think).
No Dark Shadows covered up my persistent dark under eye circles to my liking - and I need a heavy duty concealer! The concealer lasts a long time, so far I haven't actually had to reapply throughout the day which is great as the up to 6 hours promise was scaring me a little bit. No Dark Shadows is priced at £15 and is available to buy from Superdrug - simply follow this link!

But a concealer isn't the only thing that will hep you get rid of shadows - here are my top tips for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes, fast!

No Dark Shadows concealer review, how to hide dark shadows under eyes, beauty blog UK

- If you know you're going to have a late night, do yourself a favourite and put your eye cream in the fridge the night before. I do this with my Embryolisse Eye Cream because the roll on tube is perfect for application. The cool eye cream will help reduce puffiness and help brighten your eyes.

- An oldie but a goody - slices of cucumber on your eyelids for 10 minutes! Honestly the cool and fresh, hydrating cucumber helps brighten your eyes ready for makeup application.

- Use a highlighter makeup pencil to fill in the inner corners of your eyes to make them brighter and bigger!

- Wear a brighter lipstick to draw attention to your lips, rather than your eyes.

If you have a secret tip which helps you get rid of dark under eye circles, I'd love to hear it! Comment below and let us all know.


  1. Oh, this is interesting! The ingredients deck is very similar to the Loreal Lumi concealer pen which is my go-to undereye highlighter. But with it I always use a corrector, and if the No Dark Shadows pen has enough coverage to negate that whilst providing that kick of light, I'd be happy to give it a try!

    1. Oh yes! I used the L'Oreal Lumi concealer and this is quite similar to it! xo

  2. Many people find that as they get older they begin to develop dark under eye circles. Under eye circles are caused by the slowing down of the bodys fluid, and hemoglobin removal system.
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