27 February 2017

Keep It Healthy At Lunch With Mr Lee's Noodles

Mr Lees Noodles review, Dragon Fire Mushroom, healthy lunch ideas, UK food blogs

It's hard to keep away from quick lunches (and dinners) when you have a busy schedule. We all have the greatest motivation to grab a salad for lunch, or even better MAKE a packed lunch which will be healthy and money saving. But the reality is, it's much easier to grab a sandwich or a pot of noodles to eat on the go - and with the convenience, comes a whole bunch of nasties.
I was asked to review Mr Lee's noodles - a game changer on the pot noodle game. And I will be the first to admit that I often have noodles for lunch because they're quick and they taste good! Although I buy supermarket noodles which are full of salt, sugars and artificial flavours I try and spice them up with fresh vegetables like chillies or mushrooms, sprinkle a little bit of coriander on top, and if I'm treating myself - I'll throw in some prawns.
Mr Lee's noodles are Coeliac UK certified gluten-free instant cup noodles, which are made using only the best freeze-dried ingredients (which keeps the vegetables, meat, and flavours in them fresh and natural!) with absolutely no nasties. How is this possible? Because convenient lunches like that don't exist, right? Wrong.

Mr Lees Noodles review, Dragon Fire Mushroom, healthy lunch ideas, UK food blogs
Mr Lees Noodles review, Dragon Fire Mushroom, healthy lunch ideas, UK food blogs

Before we go into the ins and outs of the noodles, I wanted to share with you Mr Lee's story, which I found incredibly inspiring. Mr Lee is a real person - Damien Lee. And Damien is on a mission to help people eat better.
Damien Lee was given a few weeks to live when he was diagnosed with cancer. But he wasn't about to give up - instead, he decided that a diet of no nasties, raw food and chemo, as well as having a determined mind and spirit, was the only way to beat cancer. Throughout his healthier diet change, he craved his favourite guilty pleasure food - instant noodles - but he couldn't indulge in them because he knew they were full of nasties. Damien then decided that when he got better, he was going to revolutionise the world of instant noodles and make a healthy option of the snack! And he got better, he was given the all clear - after which Mr Lee's noodles was born.

Mr Lee's noodles are low in salt, sugar, saturated fats, and calories - making them a guilt free snack which you can quickly chomp down on during a lunch break. But how can they taste great if they have less salt and sugar, surely that's where the flavours come from? Mr Lee has spent a serious amount of time developing flavours and replacing salt with healthy flavourings like lime, and sugar with honey.
The rice noodles come from Vietnam - making them authentic and high quality - and then packed here in the UK! Rice noodles are a healthy alternative to those wanting to keep an eye on what they eat - they're used in salads, stir fry's, soups and noodles.

There are six flavours in the range:

- Hong Kong Street Beef
- Tai Chi Chicken
- Dragon Fire Mushroom
- Penang Chicken Curry Laksa
- Shaolin Monk Vegetable
- Warrior Fighting Shrimp

Mr Lees Noodles review, Dragon Fire Mushroom, healthy lunch ideas, UK food blogs

I tried a couple of the noodles during lunchtimes spent doing admin at my home office - so far I've tested the Tai Chi Chicken and Dragon Fire Mushroom, which you can see in the images within this post. Super easy to use, just as with any cup noodle you peel back the foil and fill with hot water to the line. Wait a few minutes, and tuck in!

I love Tai Chi Chicken - it reminded me of a soul warming chicken soup which is perfect for miserable rainy days! Immediately I could tell this noodle wasn't going to require several cups of water to rehydrate my body with after - the flavours were delicious, but not as salty as typical noodles which I usually buy. And then I was also surprised to crunch down on a piece of actual chicken, which I had to double check within the ingredients list and yes I can confirm there is real chicken pieces which have been freeze dried keeping in all the flavours - naturally. YUM!
Dragon Fire Mushroom was top notch - if you're a fan of spicy flavours, then this one is for you. It's got a real kick of spice and flavour! Rice noodles keep this meal light, but it lasts a lot longer than your typical pot noodle! Usually I scoff down a pot of noodles and I feel like I'm still hungry, but Mr Lee's noodles left me feeling really full and I didn't feel like I needed another snack to have after that.

I really enjoyed tasting Mr Lee's noodles - there's now no excuse for consuming more salt and sugar than anyone needs in one pot of noodles. Healthy and easy, I'm convinced these noodles make the perfect snack for office workers, students, and even campers!

Mr Lee's will be available in supermarkets soon, but for now you can get your hands on these super noodles here.

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