24 March 2017

Can You Really Lose Weight Just By Dieting?

LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet review, food blogs, UK lifestyle bloggers

I'll start this article by admitting something to you: you know those annoying people who talk about how they'd love to loose weight  but do nothing about it? And usually they moan about loosing weight whilst eating something like a slice of pizza/doughnut/portion of greasy McDonald's chips? Yeah that's me. Now you know. And with that knowledge in mind, I want to talk to you about how a person like that, one that refuses to go on a controlled diet because they have no self control when there is a pile of carbs in front of their face, can actually loose weight with a dirty diet.

I was introduced to LighterLife Fast last year when I agreed to do a challenge to see if the 5:2 diet actually works - you can read about my first experience in a series of posts. Question: did I keep up the diet through the year? Answer: no. So I have naturally gained the weight back by not exercising and not controlling what I eat. So what makes this year different and why am I back?

LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet review, food blogs, UK lifestyle bloggers

Well one reason was the ever expanding range of products from LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet - when I found out that there are more snacks in the range my ears immediately perked up. Snacking is what murders a diet - yes, there are healthy snacks like nuts and berries but come on, who in their right mind gives up crisps and chocolates for nuts?! Not me, I can tell you that. And fizzy drinks - personally I can actually survive on just H2O and coffee/tea but I know a lot of people who think water is the devils juice and opt for fruit juice which contains sugar and additives. It does, sorry to break it to you but most supermarket juices are high in nasties. Just because there is a picture of an orange on it, doesn't mean it's good for you.

LighterLife Fast has a huge range of products to enjoy during your 5:2 diet - a diet which means you fast for 2 days and eat healthily for the other 5, but you can also treat yourself with the occasional pizza/burger/doughnut. And if you're dieting for an event which is coming up in a few weeks time you can do 3 days fasting and 4 days eating normally to speed up the process. So what can you expect from the LighterLife Fast range? Noodle pots, breakfast porridge, Shepherds Pie, spaghetti bolognese, pasta carbonara, soups in a variety of flavours, shakes, snack bars, popped chips, and even a tasty juice style drink.

LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet review, food blogs, UK lifestyle bloggers
LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet review, food blogs, UK lifestyle bloggers

Now I mentioned that LighterLife Fast has introduced more snacks into its new Light Bites range - and I was super excited about them. Firstly, there are popped chips which are an awesome alternative to crisps. I love crisps, I'm definitely more of a savoury than sweet tooth so whilst I can curb my chocolate cravings with a fruit, I struggle to replace things like crisps. The pop chips however are amazing - so tasty, with flavours like Pesto and Sundried Tomato, Roasted Shallot and Cider Vinegar, Sweet and Smoky Chipotle - these popped chips are the perfect substitute to crisps. You can buy them at Superdrug along with delicious snack bars like Superfood Fruit Bar, Superfood Seed Bar, Strawberry and Cacao Nibs Bar.

I wasn't only excited about the snacks because I wanted something a little more to include in my diet, but also because I really struggled with making my meals whilst out and about - it's practically impossible. The LighterLife meal packs are made by adding hot water to the powder ingredients - which is great if you work in the office or are at home, but when you have busy days away from the comfort of a kitchen and a kettle the game is kind of over. I often have days when I leave the house early in the morning and come back past dinner time which is why getting food on the go is a good solution for busy career girls. But, having a bag of popped chips in my bag has made me one happy bunny as I can fill my stomach whilst out and about!

LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet review, food blogs, UK lifestyle bloggers
LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet review, food blogs, UK lifestyle bloggers

Now that I've told you a little bit more about the LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet, let's put it to the test. I have perfected the art of 5:2 dieting because quite frankly it's the only diet I can stick to. Yes, I'm not going to lie to you, the fasting days suck a little because you're planning everything you eat and counting calories - but isn't that the same with any diet? LighterLife Fast make it super easy for you during the fasting days - all the packets are clearly labelled with how many calories the products contain and you're looking at consuming around 600 calories. So the basics: choose 2 days during the week to fast during, and when you're fasting consume 600 calories + plenty of water. That's 4 LighterLife Fast products per day, plus you can have 2 delicious Light Bites on top! See, told you this is exciting stuff happening from LighterLife Fast.

So you can start your day with porridge, have a hot bowl of soup for lunch, snack on popped chips or a superfood snack bar, and finish the day with an aromatic noodle pot! Now that is a good diet day - I have sampled pretty much all of the products from the range and they are full of flavour so that's not something you'll be missing. Neither will you go hungry - don't be fooled by the look of the small portions because they do fill you up. I was surprised how little you actually need to feel full!

Through my experience of trying to diet, I realise personally I can't stick to a long term diet - but what I can do is use the 5:2 diet to my advantage after times like Christmas when I need to lose the extra pounds piled up after eating waaaaay too much! Or when I'm getting ready for a beach holiday.

*This post was written in collaboration with LighterLife Fast. Products pictured above were gifted on a review basis. 

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