19 April 2017

Feed Your Skin

Skin Food by Weleda review, beauty blogs UK, lifestyle bloggers UK, Hampshire bloggers

Seasonal weather changes can affect our skin - as can our routines during these seasons. Diet, stress, hot showers, and direct sunlight can all affect our skin, and sometimes this causes uncomfortable dry patches - and I thought I'd share my little secret with you as I have something that will make dryness disappear and beautiful skin appear!

We all know that I'm a huge fan of Weleda - they started off in Germany all the way back in 1921 with the ethos of being a natural brand, and in 2017 they stand strong in their beliefs. The brand prides themselves on being natural and spiritual, connecting nature and people in harmony. Weleda products are 'more' than organic too - Weleda use raw materials in any way possible by gaining their ingredients from certified wild collection OR bio-dynamic cultivation (a very similar process to how organic materials are sourced). The brand also take pride in being responsible by thinking of the environment, and practicing sustainability, fair trade and protection of species and resources. Weleda promise no synthetic preservatives, fragrances, chemicals - there is nothing synthetic in their products AT ALL! No toxins, additives or raw materials from mineral oils either. Weleda are certified by NATRUE Standards which recognises the authenticity of natural and organic products by awarding natural, natural & organic and organic certification categories.

Skin Food by Weleda review, beauty blogs UK, lifestyle bloggers UK, Hampshire bloggers

So with all the information about the brand sounding too good to be true, Skin Food has proven to be a miracle product and something I have in my skincare collection all the time. This miracle moisturiser can be used ob dry and rough skin all over the body - face, elbows, hands, feet! It has extracts of calendula, chamomile, gentle viola tricolour in a rich base of oil and beeswax - smells delicious and earthy! You only need a little bit of product to spread over skin - and you will immediately feel a soothing and nourishing sensations.

I take Skin Food by Weleda everywhere with me - it's truly a desert island product! And the best thing about it is that even though it's a rich and thick cream, I can use it on my face without irritating my skin due to the calming effects of calendula and chamomile.



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  1. I've heard so many good things about this particular product! xx



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