16 June 2017

Tips On How To Soothe A Sunburn

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It's summertime and we're all excited about seeing more sunshine, higher temperatures, BBQ's, trips to the beach, and being nearly able to tan. I went to the beach the first time this year on a hot and sunny day - had the best time ever! And would highly recommend visiting Sandbanks and Studland if you want white sandy beaches, pubs and restaurants with incredible views, activities, and fish and chips on the beach.

But my amazing day trip cost me 48hrs of pure pain - I got the worst sunburn of my life because I didn't take the right precautions (i.e. putting on high SPF, didn't cover myself with the appropriate clothing, basked in the midday sun which is the worst, and forgot my straw hat to help reduce the risk of sunstroke) - so because I'm stupid and made this mistake, I wanted to share with you top tips on how to heal a sunburn if you find yourself in a hot situation.

Although spending time in the sun has masses of benefits like absorption of vitamin D, uplifting moods, getting a healthy natural glow - it also has it's downsides when we don't take precaution: premature skin ageing, damage to the skin, sunburn, increased risk of skin cancer, and damage to the eyes. So before embarking on a sunny day out or a trip to the beach make sure you have the following essentials:

  • SPF 30+ and take this with you because you'll need to reapply as the day goes on
  • Sunglasses to help protect eyes from sun damage
  • Light hat, especially if you're prone to sunstroke!
  • Light cover up if you're wearing shorts and a stroppy top - remember that clothes can help protect your skin from sun rays so it's good to have a light cover up in case your skin starts to feel too hot
  • Water, water, water! You need to keep hydrated in the sun

Equipped with the items above, you'll have a great day out in the sun. However, if you find yourself coming home and realising you've been sunburnt then you can immediately soothe it with items you have at home:

  • Have a cold shower, or use a cold compress on the affected areas - you need to cool your skin as quickly as possible
  • Apply fresh aloe vera to the burnt areas. I have an aloe vera plant in my house and it's been an absolute skin saviour - my sunburn was really, really bad and from one aloe vera leaf I managed to apply the gel all over my legs and arms so little goes a long way. Aloe vera contains zinc which helps fight inflammation caused by sunburn
  • Apply cold natural yogurt, it's not going to feel amazing when you do that but trust me yogurt works wonders on burns - dairy soothes the skin
  • Apply a natural moisturiser without any perfume or other allergens - restoring moisture is so important as your skin will go dry and tight when sunburnt. Apply at least 3 times a day, or more if needed!
  • Keep drinking water and rehydrate your body - the chances are if you're badly sunburnt you'll also have mild sunstroke so you'll need to replace the fluids in your body and drink twice as much as you would normally do
  • Have plenty of rest and listen to your body - it knows how to help itself. I spent a whole day in bed because my sunburn was all over my legs and I physically couldn't walk anywhere! Frustrating, but that's what you get for being silly and just running out into a whole day of sunshine without thinking about the sensible actions!

I hope these tips on how to soothe a sunburn are helpful if you find yourself in a predicament like I did - and next time take care in the sun because I know I will! And if you have a trick which has worked for you, please share with the Dalry Rose community - comment below!

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