1 September 2017

Haircutie - The Natural Solution For Gorgeous Locks

Haircutie Review, hair growth tips, lifestyle blog, UK beauty blog

Hands up how many of you get frustrated that you hair doesn't seem to grow as fast as some of your friends? Or that split ends appear immediately after you've been to the hairdresser? Or that regardless of how much conditioner or hair oil you use, frizz is still a very real thing? I've got my hand up.
My hair has always been my pride - ever since I managed to tell my mother to stop giving me a bob with a fringe (from 3 until I was about 8 this was the haircut I constantly had), I embraced long hair. But as with anyone, there comes a point in your life when you have the most dire experience with a hairdresser and lose your gorgeous locks.

I was asked to be a 'model' for Toni & Guy for a girl I kind of vaguely knew, but I was very keen on getting my face out there as a model back then. I was 17, and had completely different dreams and ambitions from what I have now - it was all about big cities, fast living, fame, and fortune - whereas now it's all about countryside quiet, muddy walks with dogs, big glasses of wine in a cosy pub, and yeah still fortune in there somewhere! Anyway, I agreed to model under two conditions: any colour that was put in my hair will be removed and returned to normal; I was happy for a restyle, however I did not want to lose any length from my gorgeous, down to my belly button locks. They agreed and we proceeded to style for the annual Toni & Guy awards.

I came out of that salon with pink hair, and a bob just barely past my shoulders.

To say I was fuming was an understatement. I literally felt like I could kill that girl. I had to get hair extensions to feel comfortable in myself again, and spent the next few years trying to grow my hair which decided it just wasn't going to. Ever since then, I only use one hair dresser who I trust 100% and know she won't chop off anything I ask her not to.
Anyway, I wanted to share that story with you because I know how hair can make people feel, and if you're not happy with it, then a hairstyle can effect your self confidence.

Haircutie Review, hair growth tips, lifestyle blog, UK beauty blog

The lovely girls at Haircutie offered to send me a tub of their magical natural balm which promises to condition hair and support hair growth - and I'm all up for that! Haircutie is a 100% natural balm which contains:

  • organic coconut oil
  • organic shea butter
  • sweet almond oil
  • castor oil
  • organic chia seed oil
  • olive oil
  • avocado oil

All of these ingredients play a part in keeping hair and scalp healthy and nourished, resulting in healthier hair. You are advised to use the balm 2-3 times a week, by taking a generous handful and melting it in your palms, then rubbing all over the scalp and roots as well as the ends of your hair. Leave on for 30min, or if your hair is in need of major TLC then leave on for 2hrs. Wash off the balm with shampoo - it takes me two washes to ensure all of the product is washed off!

I saw results immediately - after the first wash my hair was shiny and smooth, bye frizz! Seriously though I was surprised at how soft my locks were. And it only improves from there - you will see results in length growth in about 2 months after using the product. I have started to use it once a week only because my hairs condition has really improved so for me it's up keeping it now.

Want to know the best part? Haircutie don't test on animals, and are vegan friendly! So this product really does tick all of the boxes: animal friendly, natural, organic, vegan friendly, and effective.

What do you think of Haircutie? Do you want to give this a go? Also, I'd love to hear your hairdresser horror stories so I don't feel like I'm the only one - comment below!

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