2 January 2018

A Fresh Start

Dalry Rose Hampshire Lifestyle Blog
“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. 
And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” 
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!

In Chinese astrology, each new year starting on 16th of February is a new year of the zodiac animal (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig) and also an element (gold, wood, water, fire, and earth) and 2018 will be the year of the Earth Dog - canine fans rejoice. Or should we?
If you believe in astrology, the year of the Earth Dog will bring new business opportunities, increased cash flow, good relationships, and reach of high social status - Instagram influencers it's your year! However with the initiation of a lot of exciting things, the Dog brings stress and pressure in everyday life - meaning you have to be careful this year with your health and wellbeing. Thanks for the warning, Doggo!

I was going to use this post to reflect on the past year, but I think I would rather focus on the year ahead. However, as a roundup 2017 has been MENTAL: my own business has grown, I managed to reach not only my targets but book out all client slots; my blog as you can see has taken a backseat which I have to admit I wasn't very happy about but paying all attention to brands I was working with had to take priority, and I guess I lost the passion somewhere along the way.... BUT. BUT BUT BUT. I woke up this morning with a fresh breath of life that I want to breathe in to Dalry Rose Blog and I took the first step of getting a refreshed template. Here it is! Thanks to Pipdig for their amazing templates and easy installation guides.

What's in store for Dalry Rose in 2018? Well, I'm excited to tell you that I have big dreams for this blog space. Instead of churning out content because I feel like I have to I'll be working extra hard to create timeless content, there may be fewer posts but trust me they will be posts you won't want to miss! I want to make Dalry Rose Blog a hub on the internet where the modern gal (or guy!) can come to and read inspiring articles on travel, style, places to eat, places to visit, helpful career advice, recipes, beauty and skincare... I don't want to focus on trends anymore. I want to focus on content which will age with grace. I don't want to review what's 'in' anymore, I want to review the things which we will invest in and which will make our lives better. I want to give you tips, tell you stories, and share my knowledge on topics which you can relate to and want to come back to. This is Dalry Rose Blog in 2017.

Blogging started as a real, raw form of writing and sharing and I feel that somewhere along the way most of us (including me) have become advertising platforms and perhaps lost that connection with those loyal readers which keep our dreams alive. Does anybody else feel like that?
I want this space to be a visually attractive, branded, PR friendly - bur authentic, real, and raw at the same time. In the eternal words of Martin Luther King Jr - I have a dream. It's time to get the thoughts out of my head and into your screens.


I LOVE STYLE. I'm a sucker for fashion. Always have been, and I have to admit I think I always will be. I love styling outfits and working with brands on exciting fashion campaigns. But I believe in showing you outfits which you can wear every day. I live in a small town in Hampshire, hardly the fashion capital of the UK. I don't attend many lavish parties in the city or events where I can get away with wearing a sequin jumpsuit; it's usually a Hampshire country pub for lunch/dinner, day out in a National Park, or a National Trust visit. I also help style real women across Hampshire and Wiltshire with my personal styling business Dalry Rose Styling - click here to visit the website and see what I'm all about! All of this reflects in how I dress, and I want to project this on my blog. So whilst there will be heels, dresses, and event styling - there will also be wellies, jeans, jumpers and even a fleece or hiking boots when I'm out exploring the world!


I live in Hampshire and I love it. So naturally my lifestyle blog is based around a lot of Hampshire things to do and see, where to eat and drink, where to shop, and features stories of local brands and businesses! I have build a close community of Hampshire friends, readers, clients whom I want to see my little space on the internet as a go-to blog for anyone who is living or visiting Hampshire. There is now a dedicated section on my blog for Hampshire topics - you can find it here. This year I vow to bring you more exciting content from our local Hampshire area!


Many of you know I started my own business towards the end of 2016 and have been bossing it in 2017. I am the founder and director Dalry Rose Digital and I work with businesses in and around Hampshire to help them with effective and engaged visual and digital communications. After many years of working in marketing in PR both in-house and for creative agencies, it was time for me to spread my wings and live the life I had always imagined.
When I first started, so many of my readers were excited to hear about my personal journey that I decided to make a section on my blog to tell you about it, share my experiences, give you advice and even as of 2017 coach those of you who dream of and are dedicated to starting your own businesses. You can read more posts on careers here.


If you know me, read my blog, or follow me on Instagram you will know I LOVE FOOD & DRINK. In 2017 I was lucky enough to indulge in some amazing food and drink, and I hope 2018 will be the same. Although this year I am making a change to how I eat - because in 2017 I managed to pile on 10kg. Er, too much indulgence me thinks. I have also become more aware of what I put into my body and how it affects it, and you will see this reflected in my content this year. I want to take you on this journey of caring about what we eat and drink, caring about where our food has come from, caring about how drinking alcohol can affect your health and not glamorising it as I see done in so many places. I'm not a vegan, I'm not a vegetarian, neither am I t-total BUT I am someone who wants to make better choices for my health in everyday life. And sometimes enjoy a cheeky pub burger accompanied by a glass of red wine.
I have done many restaurant reviews which you can read here - remember to tell me and tag me in those you visit!


For years I have been terrified to travel because of my anxiety and panic attacks, and debilitating phobia of flying. But you know what? In 2017 I took a Fearless Flyer course with EasyJet, and less than 6 months later I packed my bags to go to my first family holiday in 12 years - hello sunny Mallorca! I also spent two gorgeous weekends in Wales, visited Scotland, and have had many days out in more local areas of Wiltshire and Hampshire. I love travelling whether it's a holiday overseas, a weekend hiking in the highlands, or a day trip to see a famous landmark somewhere more local. There is always time to travel, and I want to share my experience with you. I am already planning some exciting trips in 2018, but for now you can read about my travels here.


Beauty and skincare is just as important as food for me - I want to know what the best thing to put on your skin is, I want to support cruelty free brands, I want to question our standards of beauty, and I want to know even more about why organic is best. I blogged about beauty a lot when I first started blogging, and I loved it. But as I mature, so does my skin and so does my taste in makeup and hair trends - less of the purple dip dye and whacky lace eyelashes, more foundation which protects your skin and lasting conditioning lip balm. If like me you're interested in finding luxury skincare without breaking the bank, choosing classics over trends, and buying items which not only look good but do good then read all about beauty and skincare here.

I think I have summed up my previous year in the above topics! These are the topics I will be focussing on in the new year and bringing you content which I feel passionate about and you will also feel passionate about. It's a very exciting year for Dalry Rose and I'm excited to share it with you.

As always, I love your suggestions on what you want to see on my blog and I love reading your comments and answering your questions. Feel free to get in touch on here or over on my social channels! I would love to hear your thoughts on this post - have I got you excited to be a part of the Dalry Rose community?


  1. I love your honesty and I always enjoyed your blog, hearing how much you have grown in every possible aspect put a smile on my face.
    Keep on blogging, you have a devoted fan here!

    1. Hi Keit,
      So lovely to hear from you and thank you for your kind words! I'm excited for 2018 - what have you got planned? 💗
      Lana xx


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