15 January 2018

Hampshire Gal Diaries - Living In The Countryside

Living in Hampshire blog, Dalry Rose Blog, SheIn fashion style

I love living in Hampshire. When I was younger I travelled the world - I lived in big and bright European cities, spent years on the Scandinavian coast, and even experienced what life is like for Eastern European refuges when I travelled with my mother who worked for the UN. But I finally feel like I have settled in he beautiful English county of Hampshire. I love it here because we are in an ideal location - an hour away from the hustle and bustle of London, about an hour away from the beautiful sandy beaches of Sandbanks, and we have fields and forests a plenty right on our doorstep.

Living in Hampshire blog, Dalry Rose Blog, SheIn fashion style
Living in Hampshire blog, Dalry Rose Blog, SheIn fashion style

I never thought I would settle for the countryside when I was younger - I remember sitting in my studio flat in the most beautiful city of Bath thinking about what steps I would take after uni: London, or maybe Manchester? But circumstances led me to come back to Hampshire - and I'm really glad they did.

As much as I love visiting the big cities for a weekend trip or even going up to London for meetings and events, I realised very quickly that the things which make my soul happy all belong in a quiet town, or even better a village. The simple things like taking the dogs out for a long walk in the middle of nowhere where they can run free and I can enjoy spotting wild animals like deer, foxes, and  birds of prey; finding a cosy pub which accepts muddy boots, has a warm fire and locally sourced grub; enjoying the quiet by 8pm... Yes, I'm a 20-something year old granny! But the quiet life is the one for me.

It's true, being a 'fashionista' in the countryside is harder than say London or even Southampton - the Gucci Princetown Fur loafers caught my eye, but I was quickly brought down to earth by my best friend who suggested that maybe our sleepy town just wasn't ready for loafers with fur on them... And that rings true with a lot of trends I love like tulle skirts, overly high heels, shaggy fur coats... just to name a couple. BUT the location of where you live should never stop you wearing or doing what you love - so usually I just ignore any stares my way and get on with life. There's beauty in being slightly different.

Living in Hampshire blog, Dalry Rose Blog, SheIn fashion style
Living in Hampshire blog, Dalry Rose Blog, SheIn fashion style
Living in Hampshire blog, Dalry Rose Blog, SheIn fashion style

On a typical day though, I love the usual countryside get up - tall boots, jeans, jumper or shirt, and a felt fedora. Did I hit the Hampshire village lady style mark? But in all honestly an outfit like this is very comfy and suits everywhere you go. I love this SheIn hollow out lace panel blouse which is easy to style with jeans and boots - the lace adds texture to the outfit so not a lot of jewellery is needed! I also love these boots I picked up in Dune Southampton store during their 20% off event - I have wanted riding boots for ages, and these have the most precious details of gold hardware at the back! Love, love, love.

I would love to hear from you and what you log about where you live - comment below! Also, if there are fellow Hampshire citizens who have stumbled upon this blog or are loyal readers, say hello and let me know where your favourite day out in Hampshire is!

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Shop the blouse here: SheIn Hollow Out Lace Panel Blouse
Fashion Photography by fellow Hampshire gal Heidi Bawden

*Some of the items worn in this post have been gifted by SheIn for collaboration purposes.


  1. Hahahaha, my last post was exactly with fur flats :D I get stares when I wear them and most of them negative, I live in a reletively big city but people still stare nontheless, so I guess it depends on the population and how open minded they are.
    I adore the countryside inspired outfit though, the white blouse is so gentle and feminine

    1. I love the fur flats! I just haven't found a pair I like yet... But when I do, they're coming out! xx


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